This is a ride report of the 2021 Yamaha YZ250FX vs KTM 300 XC TPI 2020


Welcome back, everyone,

My name is Sam, and today we are out riding with Cody from UTMX YouTube channel.

I met Cody online through a Facebook group, and he has been thinking about getting a YZ250FX but wasn’t sure if it was the right call or not.

Currently, Cody is riding a 2020 KTM 300XC

So, I offered to let him try out my bike as long as he was good with me riding his bike.

And this would be a good time to do a side by side comparison between the 2021 YZ250FX and the 2020 KTM 300XC

So to start things off lets talk main specs on the 2021 Yamaha YZ250FX

The YZ250FX is a 4 stroke

It weighs 246 lbs wet

6-speed Transmission

2.2 Gal tank

Seat height is 37.7

37.8 Horsepower

KYB suspension


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The 2020 KTM 300XC TPI

2 stroke motor

Weight 223.3 lbs without fuel

Mid 55+ HP

6-speed Transmission

2.3 Gal Tank

Seat Height 37.4

WP AER air fork


Ok Guys I am riding the 2020 KTM 300 XC, first thing I notice when switching from the Yamaha is the ergonomics are different. The KTM feels like your front end is further out in front of you and you are sitting further back in the cockpit. 

The KTM feels SOO Much narrower around the knees that it’s shocking to me. 

I feel right at home quickly on this bike.

With the 300XC I tend to ride in a higher gear and use only the bottom to mid RPMs. This is because the 300 motor makes tons of torque down low but signs off early on the top end.

This is the magic of a KTM300 motor…. Its insanely luggable and for hard enduro applications its tough to beat

Now lets talk about the suspension, I like the AER forks which I know some people hate them but they are WAY better than the old KTMs we used to ride.

Wayyy better

They offer a plush ride and stay pretty planted that I felt comfortable hitting whoops and going fast.

It’s a fantastic bike.

Now, this is Cody’s bike, and he has it set up how he likes it, which is how it should be.

What does it do better than the Yamaha?

Grunt. It feels impossible to stall its magical when compared to a 4 stroke motor. In fact, I stopped shifting and just kept it in the same gear and clutched it…..

Man it feels sooo skinny compared to the Yamaha, and I like sitting down on the KTM better than the Yamaha as the seat on the KTM is nicer. 

Now the 2021 YZ250FX

The first thing I notice right out of the gate is the aggressive attack position you get into when you stand up on the Yamaha. 

You sit more over the front of the bike which feels like more of an attack position in my opinion. 

The handle bars do not seem as wide as the KTM’s

When you sit on the YZ250FX after sitting on the newer KTM’s it does feel fatter but once you start riding I never think about it again.

The balance and suspension on the YZ250FX is possibly my favorite of any bike I have ever ridden.

It is SOO fun and inspires tons of confidence. 

I really like the power and tend to ride in the mid to high RPMS but this bike even with how heavy it is is so light feeling and playful.

I personally like standing up attack position better than the attack position on the KTM.

I also can control the power better on the YZ250FX, which is my skill level.

The controls are really nice and easy to use and the brakes are good. 

The 2021 YZ250FX is my favorite 4 stroke I have ever ridden and possibly in my top 3 all time favorites.

I hope you enjoyed in this ride report of the 2021 Yamaha YZ250FX vs KTM 300 XC TPI 2020.