This article is about the Yamaha Radiator Fan Kit.

Keeping your Yamaha 4-stroke cool is always a good plan. Whether you race motocross or ride a single track, keeping the bike’s temperature down provides more power and a longer-lasting motor.

Yamaha OEM Radiator Fan Kit

Yamaha does provide a radiator fan kit for specific models and certain years. Not all 4 stroke models have the same radiator setup through the years.


OEM Yamaha Radiator Fan Kit
Yamaha Radiator Fan Kit

At what temperature does the Yamaha Radiator Fan Kit turn on?

With our 2021 Yamaha YZ250FX here is what temperature the Radiator Fan kit is powered on:

  • 200 degrees turned on
  • 167 degrees, it turned off

Does the OEM Yamaha Radiator Fan Kit stay on after the bike is turned off?

Yes, my fan stayed on until it cooled the bike down to 167 degrees. The electrical power was still on and the bike was connected to the Yamaha tuner app so I could see the temperature.

Yamaha YZ250FX fan kit

Yamaha Radiator Fan Kit Part # B3J-E24E0-V0-00

What is a Yamaha Radiator Fan Kit?

From the factory, most of the Yamaha 450F and 250F four strokes race bikes (Motocross/Crosscountry) DO NOT come with a radiator fan.

The OEM Radiator fan kit is a bolt-on plug-and-play option that allows you to add a fan to draw air through the radiator to cool down the coolant.

Crazy enough I am not sure why they don’t provide this fan kit straight from the manufacturer but luckily you can purchase the GYTR part from an OEM Yamaha parts catalog.

So far here are the bikes and the part OEM Yamaha Radiator Fan Kit that you can get from the Genuine Yamaha  Technology Racing.

Yamaha YZ450FX and Yamaha YZ250FX Radiator Fan Kit Part numbers:

  • 2015 Yamaha YZ250FX – Part# B29-E24E0-V0-00
  • 2016 Yamaha YZ250FX – Part# B29-E24E0-V0-00
  • 2016 Yamaha YZ450FX – Part# B29-E24E0-V0-00
  • 2017 Yamaha YZ250FX – Part# B29-E24E0-V0-00
  • 2017 Yamaha YZ450FX – Part# B29-E24E0-V0-00
  • 2018 Yamaha YZ250FX – Part# B29-E24E0-V0-00
  • 2018 Yamaha YZ450FX – Part# B29-E24E0-V0-00
  • 2019 Yamaha YZ250FX – Part# B29-E24E0-V0-00
  • 2019 Yamaha YZ450FX – Part# B3J-E24E0-V0-00
  • 2020 Yamaha YZ250FX – Part# B3J-E24E0-V0-00
  • 2020 Yamaha YZ450FX – Part# B3J-E24E0-V0-00
  • 2021 Yamaha YZ250FX – Part# B3J-E24E0-V0-00
  • 2021 Yamaha YZ450FX – Part# B3J-E24E0-V0-00
  • 2022 Yamaha YZ250FX – Part# B3J-E24E0-V0-00
  • 2022 Yamaha YZ450FX – Part# B3J-E24E0-V0-00

It looks like the 2015-2019 YZ250FX uses the same part number and the 2016 YZ450FX – 2018 YZ450FX has the same part number. They updated the 2019 YZ450FX and then in 2020 Yamaha updated the 2020 YZ250FX

2021 Yamaha YZ250FX radiator fan kit

Is this Yamaha Fan kit really plug-and-play?


You already have the brace bracket on the back of the right radiator and also a fan power plug that has a dummy in it that will plug straight into the radiator fan kit’s power cable.

How easy is it to mount the Yamaha OEM Radiator Fan Kit?

Really easy. 

My kit came with paper instructions.

The hardest part was mounting the very back left side bolt and removing the dummy plug that is in the fan power cable.


How much does the Yamaha Radiator Fan Kit cost?

For our 2021 Yamaha YZ250FX, the price was around $75 which to be honest, is a pretty solid price for such a quality upgrade to keep your bike running cool.

What’s the downside of the Yamaha Radiator Fan kit?

That it did not come that way from the factory…

Oh, and they are in HIGH demand and are out of stock all the time.

Dirtbike Sam


Overall I am really happy with how easy it was to install minus the far left bolt (Hard to get a tool back in there). Powers on and will keep the bike running cooler on those single-track middle-of-the-summer dirt bike missions. This is a great and smart bolt-on for our 2021 Yamaha YZ250FX build we are doing.

Get one when you see they are in stock!

I will continue to update this article as I learn more information about the Yamaha Radiator kit that is installed on our 2021 YZ250FX.

See you out on the trails.

Dirtbike Sam