In this article, we talk about the XC gear Meiko 360 SX bar mount.

If you spend lots of time Dirtbike and You quickly realize that Dirt biking is really hard on your body. You take hits, G-outs, and all sorts of abuse when riding motocross, singletrack, and Enduro.

This type of dirt biking is really hard on your shoulders arms and back.

What if you could find a product that could help you stay out on the trail or on the motocross track for longer?

I know I would love any product that allows me to ride for longer and be out Dirtbiking without the three days of recovery.

Since so much of the abuse that is handed to your body while dirt biking gets pushed through the handlebars, it Makes sense that you would want to make sure that the impact on your handlebars is softened a bit. This means that your body will take less of a beating as well.

While there are a few different options and companies the make systems for a more comfortable handlebar and ride scenario. There is one company that stands out from the rest.

XC Gear 

XCGEAR Was founded by a gentleman (Lance Smith) who It’s just like us and is crazy about Dirtbiking. Lance has been dirt biking since he was a kid and like many of us, he’s also experienced the downside of dirt biking which is the crashes and abuse that comes with riding.

XC gear started to look for many different ways to reduce these injuries and soften the blow and the abuse that comes from Dirtbiking.

As you know most handlebar systems are metal on metal which there is really very little flex when it comes to parts that are metal on metal impact.

XC Gear Decided to solve this dirt bike handlebar issue and this is what they came up with.

XC Gear Mako 360SX Bar Mounts
XC Gear Mako 360 Bar mounts
XC Gear Mako 360 stabilizer bar mount

MAKO360 Handlebar Mount System

The MAKO 360 is a unique handlebar mount that goes on your dirtbike that has thousands of rider input and testing

XC Gear MAKO 360 Handlebar mounts

  • XC Gear MAKO 360SX Bar Mount (20% lighter)
  • XC Gear MAKO 360 Bar Mount
  • XC Gear MAKO 360 Bar Mount Stabilizer Ready
  • XC Gear MAKO 360 Bar Mount Scotts Stabilizer

XC GEAR Test writers are saying this is a game-changing way to mount your handlebars to your dirtbike. The whole goal of the XC Gear’s MAKO 360 is to provide a more cushioned travel in any direction or any angle when force is being applied to your handlebars on your dirtbike.

What does the MAKO 360 Handle Bar Mount do?

Your stock or OEM handlebars on your dirtbike are metal on metal. This means your dirtbike handlebars have almost 0 give or flexibility when force is being applied to your handlebars.

MAKO 360 Helps Eliminates

  • Vibration in your hand and arms
  • Arm Pump
  • Fatigue
  • Dirt bike Crab Claw
  • Hard hits

The XC Gear MAKO 360 greatly reduces Vibration and helps with arm pump and fatigue. It also allows you to have a much softer grip on your dirt bike handlebars which helps eliminate the “crab claw”.  The allows you to ride MUCH longer and also MUCH safer as your arms and hands experience way less wear and tear.

So your energy levels are much better during your riding.

The other thing dirt bike riders worry about is hard hits. This can mean a wash or G-Out that can do a number on your wrists or arms. Having the XC GEAR MAKO 360 handlebar mount will soften these blows. This means you can ride much harder without worry.

How the XC Gear MAKO 360 Handlebar Mount Works

The MAKO 360 handlebar mount will replace your standard handlebar mounting system. You can use your OEM handlebars without any modification.

The MAKO 360 handlebar mounts are machine-specific. 

Make sure when choosing your MAKO 360 that you get the right mount that is for your specific dirt bike. Yes, the dirt bike manufacturers all design their handler bar mounts differently.

You can easily replace your stock handlebar mounts with the MAKO 360. This can be done by just about anyone and no real wrenching experience needed.

The MAKO 360 Handlebar mount uses a damping system that can take impact or pressure from any direction applied to your handlebars.

Instead of the metal to metal contact, the MAKO 360 mount has engineered absorbing polymers that will absorb the impact and vibration. 

XC GEAR provides different types of absorbing polymer for softer or harder impact resistance. 

Mako 360 Bar Mount Polymers

  • Green – Race, Trails Pro/AA/A – 150 Hours
  • Red – Race, Trails, Dual Sport A/B/C – 100 Hours
  • Orange – Race, Trails, Dual Sport, Beginner – 100 Hours

MAKO 360 Shark Bite Polymer Bar Mounts

  • Blue – Pro
  • Yellow – Expert to Intermediate 
  • Green – Beginner to Advance 

Who needs the MAKO 360 Bar Mounts?

  • Pro Motocross, offroad, and Hard EnduroRacers
  • People with injuries to Shoulders, Arms, and Wrists
  • Weekend Warriors
  • Trail Riders
  • Enduro Riders

If you ride a dirt bike these Mako 360 bar mounds are a great solution to allow you to stay out riding longer it doesn’t matter if you’re a professional dirtbike racer or race on the weekends.

People that have injuries to their neck shoulders arms and wrists actually really need this product in order to stay safe and healthy wild or biking. I know those who have a harder time holding onto a dirtbike really swear by the Maaco 360 because it allows them to have a softer grip and the Mako 360 bar mount soaks up all the hits and bumps.

Even if you’re just a trail rider the whole goal while Dirtbike is to have fun and stay safe and any product that can eliminate some of the abuse to your body allows you to be safe out on the trails and have more fun.

Now, there are pros and cons to the Mako 360 bar mounts and you will need to decide what works best for you and your dirt biking experience. 

XC GEAR Mako 360 Bar Mount Pros

  • WAY less vibration
  • Softer Grip
  • Absorbs hits and impacts
  • Allows you to ride longer
  • Ride recovery is MUCH shorter
  • Helps keep you Safe

XC GEAR MAKO 360 Bar Mount Cons

  • Expensive

While the Mako 360 bar mounts are not cheap you have to ask yourself if it’s worth investing in. If you’re young and you don’t have old abuse shoulders like some of us then you probably don’t need the Maaco 360 yet.

Is the MAKO 360 Bar Mount worth it?

But most of us are just trying to get out there and ride and have fun and be safe and not get completely beat up and abused while dirt biking. 

The Mako 360 will help you stay out longer and recover faster which in my opinion is a must-have when dirt biking no matter what type of dirt biking you do.