Where are the best places to find used dirt bikes for sale?  That is a great question that I occasionally get asked.  I love hunting for used dirt bikes and have found some pretty killer deals on used dirt bikes.  The key is knowing where to look and what to look for.  It can be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.  For me, it is fun and rewarding.  I have bought used bikes from other people, bikes from the auction and new bikes.  I think I have owned 14 Dirt bikes in my lifetime and most of them I have bought used….I have an addiction 😉


Where to find used dirt bikes for sale locally

Where to find used dirt bikes for sale totally depends on where you live.  It is a little different in each state, overall you will be spending your time looking online like Craigslist or local classified listings.  For example, I live in Utah and the best place to look here in Utah is KSL.com.  For whatever reason KSL is the undisputed winner in buying and selling things here in Utah and some of the surrounding states.   I buy and sell everything on KSL and rarely need to look anywhere else.  If you live in California KSL probably won’t apply.

Where you want to look is where most things are bought and sold in your local area.  Ideally, you want to be able to go look at the bike before you buy it.  Buying local is important.  I have bought some bikes in other states, but I always personally drive to the location and give it a good inspection.  

I have bought a number of bikes from auctions out of California sight unseen, but they have a very good system of inspecting the bikes and rating them.  I have found that they have always been very accurate with their assessment of the condition of the bike.  To buy at an auction you have to have a special license, which I currently don’t have.  You also have to pay for the bike to be shipped to you if you aren’t local.  So, for 99% of people buying at an auction is not even an option.

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I don’t have a comprehensive list of where to go for each state but a great place to start is to ask around.  Ask the people you ride with or in online forums that are in your area.  You can even go to your local shop or dealer and might be able to get some information from them.  For many states craigslist is a great place to look for used bikes.  A little asking around and research will go a long way.

Where to find used dirt bikes for sale online

Also, online dirt bike classified are a good place to look. Websites like cycletrader are typically dirt bike dealerships and not private party sellers.

You can buy bikes on Ebay, I have never personally done this since I really do like to get eyes on the bike before I commit to taking it home. If you do decide to buy a used dirt bike on Ebay make sure that you call a local dealership or mechanic in the area the dirt bike is listed. If they are willing pay them to go look the dirt bike over before you purchase it. Ebay does allow the money to go into an escrow account and (you) the buyer has to confirm that you received the dirt bike as promised.

How to buy a used dirt bike from a dealership

Buying used bikes at dealers is a lot like buying a new dirt bike at a dealership. Typically the dealership will take in used dirt bikes or buy their own used dirt bike from the auctions. You generally will pay a bit more when buying a used bike from a dealership but a good dealership will try and take care of you if something is not working.

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When you buy a used bike from a dealership you will be required to pay sales tax and register it along with the purchase price of the dirt bike. No matter this case you need to pay sales tax and register your dirt bike.

What you need to know before buying a used dirt bike

Buying used bikes online can be a bit of a ride.  Often times when people are new to buying things online they get very excited about a bike after 30 minutes of looking and think they have found the ultimate deal on a bike.  There is a chance you may have but I would always caution to err on the side of taking your time and being thorough.  I would rather risk missing a deal than jumping on a bike too fast that ended up being a poor option.  When you get more knowledgeable sure jump on that deal but for beginners, the biggest piece of advice I have is to take your time.  Don’t rush it, there will be another good deal in the future.  When I see a bike I like I always like to sleep on it.  Give myself a day to look around and make sure that my emotions aren’t getting the best of me. 

Knowing what you are looking for seems obvious but it is important.  Figure out what bike you want and do a little research on it.  We have lots of articles and videos on what dirt bike fits different situations.  Getting the right bike can make for a better experience overall.

Once you have found a bike that you like set up a meeting to go take a look.  If you don’t know what to look for in a used bike take someone that does.  Call up a friend that you know is knowledgeable in this department and have them come with you (or pay a mechanic to look at it).

Buying a new bike is so fun.  Looking in the right places can make all the difference in finding the right bike for the right deal.  Always do a little more research than expected never hurts.  

Also, make sure understand that buying a used dirt bike is a risk. How do you eliminate some of the risks?

You can do so by having experience or pay an experienced dirt bike mechanic to look it over before you purchase it. Regardless if you buy new or not every engine is a ticking time bomb.

I wish you luck on your search.  Feel free to ask me any questions you might have.  I would love to help ☺