This small review is about the Tusk Racing footpegs for dirt bikes and answering additional questions about footpegs.

When dirt biking there are a few contact points that are REALLY important while dirt biking. One of those contact points are the balls of your feet. 

The balls of your feet come into contact with the footpegs on your dirt bike. This helps you stay balanced on the dirt bike while providing a platform for you to stand up.

Having a set of quality dirt bike footpegs is essential to give you more grip which allows for better control while riding your dirt bike on the motocross track or the trails. 

Why do dirt bike footpegs have teeth or spikes?

Dirt bike footpegs teeth or spikes are for keeping your riding boot planted firmly on the peg no matter if you are standing on the dirt bike or sitting down. The proper grip allows for much better control of the dirt bike which also allows you to have better knee grip and arm grip while riding your dirt bike.

Having a high-quality footpeg on your dirt bike allows for more confidence while riding which not only makes you a safer rider but its more fun.


  • Control
  • Planted
  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Confidence 

Without footpegs, there would be nowhere to put your feet and your legs would just hang there…..

Tusk dirt bike foot pegs

Tusk Dirt Bike Foot Pegs

Tusk has designed a high-quality racing footpeg that replaces your OEM footpegs. Tusk has been designed to give you a wider peg that allows for a better overall feel and gives you a much better grip.

The other thing the Tusk Billet Racing Foot Pegs provide is toughness…..

What do I mean by toughness?

I cannot tell you how many times I have smacked a rock with my footpeg while dirt biking and bent my pegs. This then makes your body position on the dirt bike off-centered and messes with your mind while riding. 

Tusk Billet Race Motorcycle Foot Pegs are Tough

The Tusk footpegs are MUCH stronger than the stock footpegs that come with your dirt bike no matter the brand.

Made from high-strength steel CNC 6061 T-6 with a wide platform and aggressive teeth.


  • Wide Platform
  • Aggressive Teeth
  • 2.25 x 3.25
  • Forges Aluminum 6061 T-6
  • Anodized for durability
  • Replaceable steel teeth




Tusk footpegs

Reasons to get the Tusk Billet Race Foot Pegs

  1. Much Wider than Stock footpegs
  2. Built stronger and will hold up to more abuse
  3. Looks factory and trick
  4. More control and comfort

As mentioned above it’s worth repeating, having a proper grip on your footpegs under your riding boots is a crucial part of riding. I personally like a nice planted feel when riding. If you have larger feet this also means that your boots are bigger and having a stock OEM footpeg can be a hindrance when riding. 

A wider footpeg provides you with more comfort while standing and more grip on the dirt bike which is really nice the faster you twist the throttle.

Being able to take hits and not bend when you wipe out or hit something is really nice. OEM footpegs are not cheap so I prefer to invest in high-quality footpegs for my dirt bikes. 

Look good ride good.

The Tusk footpegs look trick and are mean-looking. 

While not everything from Tusk is considered high-quality these footpegs really are!


Personally, I have owned a few of Tusk’s footpegs for different dirt bikes and they are better than any OEM stock footpeg for the reasons listed above.

I don’t spend a ton of money on bling parts or aftermarket parts as I feel like good tires and gas are all you need.

However, having a wider stronger footpeg really helps much grip while dirt biking which gives me more confidence on the dirt bike.

These Tusk Dirt Bike Foot Pegs are a buy for me. Totally worth the $70 and are just as good as the more expensive foot pegs on the market.