In this article I talk about some of the best dirt bike speedometers I have used.

Have you ever considered trying dirt-biking as a sport? You will feel having that sense of freedom as you ride around exciting terrains. That exhilarating feeling of riding a dirt bike is a whole different experience compared to riding the usual motorcycles. Unlike those, you would be riding on off-road areas, which lessens the road rules such as traffic and speed limits. However, there are trails when you are still curious about how fast your dirt bike goes.

Dirt Biking needs your full attention, and it helps you focus better, especially if you going fast. With that being said, it is important to have dirt biking speedometers. To complete your dirt biking experience, you must have a good dirt bike tachometer to keep track of your speed and the distance you have covered. This is so you can keep your attention on the road without having to calculate your progress and speed manually. In this article, we will discuss why it is important to have a dirt bike speedometer and what are the top 3 best speedometers to have on your dirt bike.

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A dirt bike speedometer, also referred to as a dirt bike computer, is the device that measures the stats and speed of your dirt bike. It checks the rotation of the dirt bike’s wheels and indicates its ongoing speed on the speedometer. In short, its main function is to measure the speed of your dirt bike. It is important to have one of these so you can keep track of how fast you are going when on a dirt bike.

Usually, most motorcycles nowadays come with a basic dirt bike tachometer. Dirt bike speedometers come with a sensor that is triggered by the transmission gear of the dirt bike. These sensors send out signals to the ECU of the dirt bike that calculates the speed that appears on the speedometer, and this will turn up the pointer on your speedometer, this indicating your dirt bike’s current speed.

Benefits of having a dirt bike speedometer

Nowadays, almost all modern-day dirt bikes are fitted with a standard speedometer, but some dirt bikes still don’t come with one. Don’t be surprised! It’s normal. However, you can’t have a dirt bike without a speedometer installed.

Dirt bike speedometers play a great part in riding your dirt bike and getting the full experience out of it. Having a good dirt bike speedometer has some benefits while you are dirt biking. When you are going real fast on your dirt bike, you won’t really have the time to check how fast you are going. Unless, that is your goal with your modded dirt bike and want to beat some of the fastest dirt bikes in production. The distance you covered while you were dirt biking could also get miscalculated because you would be relying on instinct instead of just checking on your speedometer.

The necessity to check your speed and distance manually during real-time while dirt biking is not easy. It is actually pretty dangerous because your mind would be too busy making quick decisions when you are out there dirt-biking. Moreover, you will be occupied riding on uneven plains, muddy terrains, rocky roads, and slippery roads during rainy rides.

Without a speedometer, you won’t really be aware of what speed you are riding. You won’t even realize if you are going too fast or not. One can easily get tempted into speeding fast during dirt biking because it is a fun adrenaline pumping experience. You would not even realize that you are already going too fast.

On the other hand, if you have a dirt bike speedometer, you would be able to gauge your speed easily and keep better track of progress during your dirt bike run. Being able to keep track of your speed could also help save you from any potential injuries while you are dirt-biking.

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Top Rated and Best Dirt Bike Speedometers

Now that we have established how vital dirt bike speedometers are, it is time to know which dirt bike tachometers are worth your money. Without further ado, here are our top three dirt bike speedometers:

Trail Tech Voyager Pro GPSComputer

This is the top-of-the-line speedometer computer and GPS for dirt biking and adventure biking. The Trail Tech Voyager Pro comes with the GPS Connected Rider system that allows you to keep track of your other buddies that have the Trail Tech Voyager Pro.

The Voyager Pro comes with a HUGE 4″ color touch screen display that is glove-friendly. Enabled with all the base maps, topography lines, hill shading, and some pre-loaded trails. 

The Trail Tech Voyager pro computer comes with North American maps preloaded but other regions can be downloaded for free. The biggest and newest feature is buddy tracking. This uses localized radio signals that can support up to 20 different riders in a single group. You can see all the members of your riding group on your screen while out riding together. It’s in real-time and shows the following distance and you can also use it for emergency services beacon to summon your riding group. 

You also get Bluetooth for the intercom, phone, and media controls. You can listen to your music while you ride and control which song you want. Or, you can talk to your boss while out riding….

Built with the highest quality materials the Voyager Pro is rated for IP67 for water and dusting proofing. You also get a strong mounting system and uses the standard Trail Tech vehicle sensors. This allows for ride data of your bike so you know the temperature, RPM, battery voltage, speed, and distance. 

Track your rides and share them with your buddies, the Trail Tech Voyager Pro is the best speedometer GPS on the market.

Trail Tech Endurance II

Trail Tech is actually the best brand to go to when talking about speedometers for your dirt bike. Trail Tech has been making speedometers for years, and this is their specialty. A good choice for a speedometer on your dirt bike is the Endurance II by Trail Tech.

This digital meter comes from Trail Tech’s Endurance series, and it comes with a great interface that is able to relay as much information during your dirt-biking. This speedometer is good for on and off-road dirt-biking. The dashboard on this speedometer is pretty easy to understand. It has a minimalistic approach that isn’t hard to understand for the rider. It keeps the important details such as avg/current/max speed, covered distance, and the elapsed time.

This speedometer is great for experienced riders who just want the necessary details when on the run. For its functions and features, the price for this speedometer is pretty reasonable and fair considering that it has great sensors that pick up on the external power of the dirt bike.

Along with the functions mentioned above for the Endurance II, this speedometer also includes a maintenance timer. This is a very helpful feature for bikers who usually forget to check on the performance of their bikes regularly. In addition, this speedometer is very easy to hook up to your dirt bike because it’s easy to understand the instruction manual. It also has two independent odometers, trip time, and a power wire for the backlit LCD screen. The size of the Endurance II is around 4.2″ x 1.6″, giving it a small size that is easy to install anywhere.

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Trail Tech Vapor

Here we have another well made speedometer by Trail Tech, and this time we are going to take a look at a model from the Vapor series. The speedometer model we will be focusing on from the Vapor series is the Vapor 752-199. This speedometer is perfect for beginners and seasoned riders, and it works well whether you’re out off-roading or just having a simple run at the tracks.

The interface of this speedometer is easy to read and understand. It comes with a huge graph display for the speed readings and RPMs. The LED display of this speedometer manages to keep it simple, only showing you the key information you need during your rides to lessen the distractions on the screen. The Vapor 752-199’s interface will show you the RPM readings and the maximum speed, so you are aware of the bike’s limits when you are dirt-biking.

If you want to practice your racing skills, you can use the Vapor’s trip distance feature to set up some custom enduro courses to test your timing and speed. The screen display also has a blinking feature to notify the rider when it is time to change the dirt bike’s gears. This feature also lights up on over-temp instances. A lovely feature also included on this speedometer is the addition of tach warning lights. These trigger lights on the Vapor 752-199 are customizable as well. The measurements of this speedometer are 6x 3.5 x 7 inches.


Trail Tech Striker

The last speedometer on our list is the Trail Tech Striker. Now the Striker series by Trail Tech has a lot of models, but usually, the Striker speedometer is used when your usual functional speedometer needs some custom applications.

The Striker series usually features a clean case that does not have a logo. Instead, it comes with programmable three screens with voltage alerts. The Striker displays the minimum and maximum voltage, your trip distance, time, display speed, temperature for ambient and engine, and two separate maintenance timers.

This speedometer also Includes features such as an Odometer, Stopwatch, wheel speed sensors, and Max speed. In addition, the Striker’s interface displays your dirt bike’s battery voltage and has a LED indicator that lights up to warn the rider when the speedometer’s charging system is getting overwhelmed.

The Striker operates on a regulated AC or 12V DC electrical system, which makes it work on any UTV, ATV, Motorcycle, or SXS. The Striker is just around 4.2 inches, making it easy to install on any dirt bike. The striker series is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to run multiple accessories on their dirt bike for a more customized riding experience.


Key Takeaway

Trail Tech is a reliable brand to go to when looking for a dirt bike speedometer to help aid your dirt bike needs. Whether it is you tracking your speed, checking your time, or doing practice runs, having a dirt bike tachometer can help you make your overall dirt biking experience an easier and safer one. This little device can help you keep your mind on the road without doing the manual thinking for your speed, distance, and time. Whether it is from the Endurance, Vapor, or Striker series, all of these speedometers by Trail Tech can help you have a more fun and safer dirt biking journey.