I’ve always been interested in goods that can enhance my riding experience and improve the performance of my bike. The Tusk Folding Lever Set is a product that recently caught my attention, and it immediately grabbed my interest. The levers on our motorcycles play a vital role in various functions, such as clutch engagement and brake application. Therefore, having a high-quality lever set that enhances functionality, durability, and comfort is essential. This review will cover the features, installation process, performance, and user experience of the Tusk Folding Lever Set. By the end of this review, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether this item is a wise purchase for your off-road motorcycle.

The importance of good levers for our bikes cannot be overstated. Off-road riding is an exhilarating and adventurous activity that comes with its fair share of challenges. We often have to navigate rugged terrains, endure unpredictable weather conditions, and even deal with accidents or crashes. In such situations, having reliable and sturdy levers becomes crucial. High-quality levers not only offer improved control and precision but also withstand the wear and tear of off-road riding. A lever set with a secure grip and smooth operation significantly enhances your riding experience. It enables you to maintain complete control over your motorcycle, which is essential for navigating obstacles and ensuring that your off-road experiences are both safe and enjoyable.

What is Folding Lever for Dirt Bike?

For dirt bike enthusiasts who frequently ride through rough terrain, folding levers are an essential addition. These levers are designed with a unique folding mechanism that allows them to fold upwards upon impact or during a fall, significantly reducing the risk of breakage. They are built to withstand the demands of off-road riding. This feature not only protects your investment in high-quality levers but also prevents any interruptions in your riding experience due to broken or damaged levers.

Compared to regular levers, folding levers offer enhanced strength and resilience as they are constructed with durable materials such as billet aluminum. They often feature an ergonomic shape and an improved grip, providing better leverage and control when maneuvering through challenging off-road terrain.

The obvious benefits of increased durability and potential cost savings from avoiding frequent lever replacements and folding levers contribute to a better riding experience. They are typically designed with ergonomics in mind, offering a comfortable grip that results in superior control and maneuverability, especially on rugged terrain. Some models even allow riders to adjust the lever’s distance from the handlebar according to their preferences, ensuring the best possible fit for comfort and control.

Tusk Folding Lever Set

Review of Tusk Folding Lever Set

As a dirt biker, I recently tested the Tusk Folding Lever Set, which has gained a reputation as a reliable and high-performing accessory for riders like myself. I will now share my experience with these levers, covering their features, installation process, performance, and overall user experience.

I found the installation of the Tusk Folding Lever Set to be relatively easy. The package includes step-by-step instructions that made it simple for me to replace my existing levers, even though I do not consider myself a mechanical expert. Moreover, the set’s compatibility with a wide range of dirt bike models adds to its versatility, catering to various off-road riders.

During my testing of the Tusk Folding Lever Set on my motorcycle, I noticed a significant improvement in performance. The combination of durable materials, such as high-quality billet aluminum construction, and precise CNC machining resulted in levers that offered enhanced ergonomics, better leverage, and improved grip. These factors contributed to better bike control, a crucial aspect when navigating challenging off-road terrains.

After using the Tusk Folding Lever Set on several off-road adventures, I found the folding design to be particularly impressive. The levers fold upon impact, potentially saving riders from costly repairs due to lever breakage during falls or collisions. Additionally, the adjustability feature was a hit, allowing me to customize the levers for a more comfortable and personalized riding experience.

What other users say about Tusk Folding Lever Set:

Tusk Folding Lever Set Review

Key Features:

Billet Aluminum Construction: The Levers are made from billet aluminum, which provides durability and a sleek black anodized finish.

Fully Concealed Spring: The spring inside the folding levers is fully concealed, giving a clean look and preventing dirt and gunk from getting inside the area.

Compatibility: Tusk Folding Levers are designed to fit on your OEM clutch perch and master cylinder for your brake, making them compatible with a wide range of motorcycles.

Affordability: The best part about these folding levers is their affordability, making them an accessible upgrade for all riders.

Pros and Cons of Tusk Folding Lever Set

Easy to install, with step-by-step instructions includedThe underside aluminum Allen head is very soft, preventing snugging it up without stripping it.
High compatibility with a wide range of motorcycle modelsThe adjustment nut on the clutch lever didn’t accurately line up with the resting point
Enhanced performance due to durable materials and precise constructionOn the brake lever, the hole the spring fits into was too small
Improved bike control due to better ergonomics, leverage, and grip
Folding design helps prevent breakage during falls or collisions.
Adjustability feature for a customized riding experience
Made from durable billet aluminum
The spring mechanism is fully concealed, preventing dirt accumulation.
Designed to fit on OEM clutch perch and brake master cylinder

Step-by-step guide for installation of Tusk Folding Levers

Step-by-step guide for installation of Tusk Folding Levers

Even individuals with limited mechanical expertise can easily replace their current levers thanks to the rapid and straightforward installation technique of Tusk Folding Levers. The following steps will guide you through the installation process of Tusk Folding Levers on your off-road motorcycle:

Step 1: Gather the necessary tools and supplies. Before getting started, ensure that you have all the required tools, including a socket set, Allen wrenches, and any other specific tools for your motorcycle.

Step 2: Remove the old levers. Begin by loosening and removing the bolts that secure your current clutch and brake levers to the clutch perch and brake master cylinder. Slowly slide out the old levers from their mounts.

Step 3: Inspect the clutch perch and brake master cylinder. Prior to installing the new Tusk Folding Levers, carefully examine the clutch perch and brake master cylinder for any signs of wear or damage. If necessary, clean these components to ensure a smooth installation.

Step 4: Install the new Tusk Folding Levers by sliding them into the appropriate mounts. Ensure that the folding mechanism is correctly positioned for proper functionality.

Step 5: After correctly positioning the levers, secure them in place by tightening the bolts. Be cautious not to overtighten the bolts, as this may cause damage to the levers or mounting points.

Step 6: Tusk Folding Levers offer adjustable lever positions, allowing for a personalized and comfortable riding experience. Adjust the angle and distance of the levers from the handlebars according to your preferences, ensuring easy reach and operation while riding.

Step 7: Before hitting the trails, perform a test on the levers to ensure proper functionality. Verify that the folding mechanism operates smoothly and that the levers return to their original position. Simulate a fall or impact by gently applying pressure to confirm that there is no binding or interference with other components. Also, verify that the brake and clutch engage and disengage correctly.

  • Q: Why should I buy the Tusk Folding Lever Set?

    A: The Tusk Folding Lever Set is an excellent investment for off-road riders because its innovative foldable design prevents the levers from breaking during a crash or fall. Made from high-quality aluminum, these levers are built to withstand rough terrains and challenging conditions.

  • Q: What bikes are compatible with the Tusk Folding Lever Set?

    A: To determine if your bike model is a good fit, please consult the product's fitment guide on the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC webpage. This guide will help you verify compatibility and ensure the levers work seamlessly with your bike.

  • Q: Are the levers in the Tusk Folding Lever Set adjustable?

    A: Yes, the Tusk Folding Lever Set levers are adjustable, allowing riders to customize the reach based on their preferences and hand size. This feature provides greater comfort and control during off-road adventures, enabling riders to tailor the levers to their unique needs and optimize their riding experience.

  • Q: What is included in the Tusk Folding Lever Set?

    A: The Tusk Folding Lever Set includes one brake and one clutch lever, designed with durability, ease of use, and performance. These high-quality aluminum levers feature a foldable design that prevents breakage during a crash or fall and adjustable reach for customized comfort and control.


Off-road dirt bike riders highly value the Tusk Folding Lever Set due to its reliability, efficiency, and practicality as an accessory. These folding levers provide several advantages, including easy installation, compatibility with various motorcycle models, and improved performance.

The strong billet aluminum construction, precise CNC machining, and concealed spring mechanism ensure a durable product that enhances bike handling. This becomes crucial when maneuvering through challenging terrains, as the improved ergonomics, leverage, and grip greatly enhance the riding experience for bikers.