In this article, we talk about the Oxbow Renegade Radio for dirt biking.


When you’re out Dirtbike in being able to communicate with your riding buddies or with other people that have radios is a really good idea.

Not only does it save you time by being able to communicate with someone maybe they took a wrong turn but it also is Is very helpful in an emergency situation.

Personally, I think anybody that rides dirt bikes out in the wilderness or single track should NOT venture out into the backcountry without a quality radio system.

Here in the western United States, we have some really remote areas that can be accessed with a dirt bike.

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Communicate with riding buddies

I cannot tell you how many times when I personally have been out riding with other people that someone ended up taking a wrong turn or had a breakdown. Being able to quickly communicate with them really makes your dirt bike experience way better.


Dirt Bike Safety 

Personally, I have been involved with a few different backcountry extracts that ended up with the person being life-flighted out of the mountains.

Without a radio, we would not have been able to communicate with the search and rescue teams.

A quality dirt bike radio doesn’t way very much and should really be apart of everyone’s survival gear that they carry in their dirt bike packs.


What’s a quality Radio System for Dirt Bikes?

Any quality Dirtbike handheld radio should be waterproof smashproof and work and all sorts of different terrain. 

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Oxbow Renegade Two-Way Radio System 

The crew over at Oxbow gear live and breathe dirt biking, snowmobiling, and snow biking. They build gear for themselves and luckily allow us to buy the gear they create.

Why is this important and should buy an Oxbow Renegade Radio?

They are just like you and me they are passionate about have as much (safe) fun out in the backcountry as the rest of us. They understand what dirt bikers want because they are out on the trails as much as possible.

So the Renegade Radio is specifically designed with dirt biking in mind. 

The Oxbow Renegade Radio comes with everything you need and is ready to go straight out of the box. The radio comes with a 36+ hour battery range. This battery is also easily removed which means you can carry a second battery if needed.

The Renegade dirt bike radio comes with the IP54 waterproofing code. No matter if it’s rain or snow you can continue to use your Oxbow Radio without worry.

Let’s get to the Oxbow Gear Radio’s range.

In the mountains you have up to 1-5 miles of radio range but if you have a direct line of sight you have up to 25 miles. In my experience that is more than enough range to stay in contact. So far we have not had a SINGLE issue with not being able to talk to each other in the mountains or desert.

A couple of cool features allows you to connect your headphones and it also comes with a LED light just in case you need some light. With a 36+ hour runtime, the battery has been holding up very well no matter how cold it gets. You can also remove the 1700mAh battery and replace it with a second battery if needed. 

Radio Charger Stand Included

In the Renegade two-way radio box, you also are getting a micro USB charger that connects to a stand for charging the radio. 

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Backpack Shoulder Strap Mount Included

On the back of the Oxbow Renegade Radio is GoPro mount that allows you to connect to ANY GoPro base. There are 2 screws on the back of the radio that allows you to replace it with a different clip if needed.

Also in the box is a clip for mounting the Renegade radio to a backpack shoulder strap. This included mount is adjustable and so far has fit securely in place on the backpacks I have used.

While dirt biking this radio stays in place and does not bounce around.

Be mindful of the clip’s grip system as it can cut you.

Oxbow dirt bike radio system

Oxbow Renegade Radio works with your buddies Radios

You have the ability to connect your Oxbow Renegade radio to other manufacturer’s dirt bike radios. So if your buddy has a different brand you still can communicate.

22 Channels and 121 sub-channels

The radio operates on the FRS and comes with 22 different channels. You also have 121 sub-channels that are also known as privacy codes.


Oxbow Renegade Dirt Bike Radio Specifications

  • Range – 1-5 miles in the Mountains
  • Straight Line of Site is up to 25 miles
  • FRS Frequency 462-467 MHZ
  • Battery Life is 36+ hours
  • The battery is removable 1700mAh
  • Only weighs 140g
  • Comes with VOX
  • Small LED flashlight for added safety
  • Comes with a headphone jack
  • Micro USB charger and charging station
  • $100
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I will continue to review and test out the Oxbow radio for dirt biking. To tell you the truth I actually use the Renegade radio for all sorts of things. My kids and I went on a hike today and I gave them the radios and told them to use them and they had zero issues figuring out how to work them.

So far…

I have been REALLY impressed with how easy and well these radios work.

I am really excited about the Oxbow Renegade radio as it’s an affordable and quality option for every dirt biker out there.