This article is a review of the Kenda K774 Ibex Gummy Hybrid tire.


Kenda has been making tires since 1962 and was founded in Yuanlin, Taiwan. Kenda is really popular in the offroad world including the offroad dirt bike racing tire.

The Kenda IBEX tire is a high-quality sticky tire.

Built specifically for low-speed endurocross and extreme hard enduro conditions. 

Kenda K774 Ibex Hybrid tire

Kenda K744 IBEX Specs:

  • Built for Extreme hard enduro and Endurocross
  • Super soft flexible rubber knobbies
  • Great traction when it’s wet
  • Open motocross like knob pattern
  • Made for low-speed riding (40 MPH top speed)
  • 110/100-18 weighs 12.81lbs

Who is the Kenda IBEX for?

If you ride in wet gnarly terrain this is your tire! Built for extreme enduro riding, endurocross, and trail riding. Keep in mind this is a gummy hybrid tire not a standard rubber.

East coast and pacific northwest dirt bike riders that have tons of wet trails and wet roots, this tire is built for those conditions.

  • Hard Enduro
  • EnduroCross
  • Wet conditions
Kenda K774 Ibex Hybrid tire

Kenda IBEX Gummy Hybrid Tire Review

Kenda IBEX Tire Pros:

I really like the Kenda Ibex tire.

It’s one of my go-to tires when I want a sticky grip but a big knobby tire. It has TONS of great grip and is crazy good when it gets wet and cleans out very well.

Also, while Kenda says it’s a tremendous wet tire I feel like it’s a good tire for most conditions. It grips well on hardpack, rocks, loose dirt, and mud.

It’s Ok in the sand and loose rocks.

It’s one of my favorite gummy hybrid tires.

Kenda IBEX Tire Cons:

It doesn’t last as long as some of the stiffer gummy tires on the market. It’s a low-speed tire (under 40 MPH) which means the faster you go it starts to shred the tire. So the offroad racing guys probably want to pass on this tire.



I have run the Kenda IBEX tire on a few different bikes but mostly on my 2 stroke bikes. Both for technical single track and cross country desert riding. When riding in on the trails it performs excellent and has tons of grip no matter the conditions. 

Even though its considered a low speed tire it actually is not to terrible at speeds, it just trashes the tire the faster you go!