In this article, we talk about how to fix leaking fork seals on your dirt bike. 


Riding dirt bikes is fun but just like anything the more you ride the more wear and tear you put on your dirt bike. One of the common issues dirt bike riders have is leaking fork seals.

  • Sand
  • Dirt
  • Mud
  • Debris
  • Worn out seals

Us dirt bike riders typically ride all sorts of terrain, sand, dirt, mud, rocks, loam, and everything in between.  It’s hard NOT to get a “dirt” bike dirty.

Your front forks on the dirt bike get lots of dust and mud on them while riding. To keep your fork seals from leaking oil and in proper working order, the dirt bike manufacturers put on dust and oil seals to keep out unwanted debris.

Over time you will get debris jammed up into the dust and oil seals on the fork. Debris and dirt then will create small gaps in the oil seals which will cause the oil to leak out of the oil seal and down onto the forks.

Sometimes it’s just a small really slow leak and others its much much more oil leaking out. In most cases, you can quickly fix the leaking oil by using the Risk Racing Seal Doctor to remove any debris out of the fork seals. 

Having the Risk Racing Seal Doctor with you on a ride can help save your ride and forks from overheating by keeping as much oil in the forks as possible. 

How to fix a leaking fork seal

Risk Racing Seal Doctor

Having the right tool for the job can really help save you a ton of time and money. Risk Racing makes a quality Seal doctor that helps you quickly and easily fix your leaky fork seals.

No more Macgyver bush fixes. 

The Risk Racing Seal Doctor is really easy to use and small enough to have in your riding pack. All you need to do is snap it onto the fork and rotate it around clearing any debris from the oil seals on your forks.

Its that SIMPLE.


how to fix dirt bike leaking oil seals

How to use the Risk Racing Seal Doctor to Fix Leaking Oil Fork Seals

Step 1: Remove the Dust l seal from the dirt bike. Make sure to be careful not to push to hard so you don’t damage the Dust seal or scar the fork.

Step 2: Clamp the Seal doctor onto the Fork. There is an “Oil Seal” up icon to make sure that’s in the correct position. Gently slide the seal doctor claw up into the oil seal and rotate as seen in the above diagram.

Once you have rotated the Risk Racing Seal Doctor all around the oil seal and fork, pull straight down to remove any debris that has been captured. 

Repeat if it’s still leaking.

I most cases the Seal Doctor will fix the leaking oil seal. However, sometimes the oil seal has been damaged or is really old. If this is the case I would recommend you replace the oil seals. 

Typically you can get your oil seals replaced on your dirt bike for around $100 – $200 bucks from a suspension shop.


How Much Does the Risk Racing Seal Doctor Cost?

Risk Racing gives us 2 different options for the Seal Doctor. You can by the larger 45-55mm Seal Doctor for full-size dirt bikes. You also have a smaller 35-45mm Seal Doctor for the smaller mini dirt bikes.

The Seal Doctor is small enough to carry in your day pack so you can fix leaking oil seals on the trail. We all have been out riding and experienced a leaking oil seal or at least had a friend that has had this issue.

Don’t be caught without the right tool to fix the seals from leaks.

I highly recommend getting a fork seal tool for your tool kit and your backpack. You can save yourself hundreds of dollars and lost time by the ability to fix the leaky fork oil seals yourself.

I am the type of dirt bike rider that enjoys riding more than working on my dirt bike and having a Seal Doctor handy keeps me out riding and less fixing.