In this article, we talk about how to properly clean your dirt bike chain.


Your dirt bike chain is often overlooked as a frequent maintenance part on your dirt bike. Oil changes and air filters generally are worried about more than the chain.

However, your chain takes some MAJOR abuse.

Every time you ride you are putting lots of wear and tear on your chain and throw in sand, dirt, mud, water, rocks, and sometimes snow…

Also, when you wash your dirt bike after a ride generally you use a pressure washer….and you spray the chain off. The question is do you immediately wipe off the chain and then apply chain oil?

Proper dirt bike chain care prolongs the life of all your final drive components. 

You should oil and inspect your chain and sprockets before every single ride.

Dirt Bike Chain Cleaning Brush

Muc-Off Chain Brush

Proper Dirt Bike Chain Cleaning

Keep in mind not all dirt bike chains are the same.

  • O-Ring
  • X-Ring
  • Z-Rings

Typically for most dirt bike chains soap, hot water, and a scrub brush are the best tools for cleaning your chain off.

You can also use chain degreaser with a chain scrub brush to remove any dirt and unwanted old grease. Make sure you clean all 4 sides of the chain.

Typically having your dirt bike up on a dirt bike stand so the rear wheel can freewheel is the best way to accomplish this.

Step by Step Dirt Bike Chain Cleaning

Step 1: Wash with water and soap and scrub chain to remove dirt

Step 2: Use Chain specific Degreaser and chain brush to clean old grease

Step 3: Dry off the chain

Step 4: Apply high-quality chain grease to the chain

Having a clean well-greased chain for your dirt bike allows you to get all that power to the ground and also helps maintain your dirt bike parts so they last longer.

There are lots and lots of different options when it comes to choosing the right chain degreaser and also chain lub. Below is a list of a few of the more popular options. 

Dirt Bike Cleaner and Degreaser

Muc-Off Dry Chain Degreaser

Motorex Chain Clean

Muc-Off Chain Cleaner

Pro Honda Chain Cleaner

Maxima Clean Up Chain Cleaner

Dirt Bike Chain Lube

Yamalube Off-Road Chain Lube

Yamalube Off-Road Chain Lube

Motorex Off-Road Chain Lube


Motul Factory Line Chain Lube

Maxima Chain Wax

PJ1 Blue Label Chain Lube


Keep that dirt bike chain clean and lubed. Your final drive will last longer and your bike will love you for it. Spend the time to properly maintain your chain and you can keep ripping out there on your dirt bike.

See you out on the trails.