In this article we talk about a lift strap for your dirt bike


Your out riding the trails with your buddies and happen upon a gnarly section that requires more skill than you have on the bike….this means you are having to no longer “ride” your dirt bike up that section but deadlift it up each ledge, stump, rock, or tree.

Sound familiar?

While we all wish we had the dirt bike skills of the famous hard enduro rider Graham Jarvis we still tend to get ourselves into some pretty tricky sections on our dirt bikes.

These sections require lifting the dirt bike up and over whatever obstacle that stands in your way.

Well, if you have spent any quality time trying to lift your dirt bike over things you wish you could ride up (like me) you quickly realize there are not that many good places to grab your dirt bike and lift.

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Dirt Bike Lift Straps

Dirt bike lift straps are the perfect easy solution to solving the problem of not having anywhere to grab and lift your dirt bike. Gone are the days of tweaking the crap out of your rear fender.

Need a tug forward uphill?

Well, you can always try to grab the front forks but that causes you to turn the tire when you pull, oh and grabbing the front tire usually means you are stopping the wheel from turning while you are pulling, thus stopping the wheel from helping you.

Getting a front and rear lift strap is the ticket for those who get them into deadlifting dirt bike terrain!

When it comes to lifting straps for your dirt bike you have a front lift strap and a rear lift strap.



dirt bike lift strap rear fender

The Tugger lift strap provides you with the perfect handle when you need to lift the rear of your dirt bike up or to drag it up over something. Also, a lift strap is MUCH better to grip with or without your riding gloves. Some dirt bikes only have a place that is near the dirt bike silencer which gets REALLY hot.

Built to stay out of the way while you are riding you won’t even notice the Tugger lift strap is there until you need it. Nice, convenient, and easy to grab when in a pinch.

Rear Tugger Lift Strap Specs:

  • Fits nearly any KTM dirt bike
  • Single under fender seat bolt on some models
  • High-quality materials to last forever


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Alright if you want the rear Tugger Strap you might as well also get the front Tugger Strap. This is an upgrade to the old front Tugger Strap that allows for much more abuse and strength when you are deadlifting your dirt bike up over that log. 

Attaches easily and quickly to all sorts of dirt bike models the Tugger Front lift strap mounts to both sides of the front forks. This allows for a much more even tug and saves your fingers from getting smashed in the spokes. 

Comes in handy in a pinch when you channel your inner Billy Bolt and it doesn’t quite work out as you planned. 

  • Fits most dirt bikes
  • Easy to handle 
  • High quality materials


Personally, I am a big fan of dirt bike lift straps. Specifically, the Highline Tugger straps are made by dirt bikers for dirt bikers. I cannot stress enough having all the right tools like Tugger straps really help you use less energy when your talent runs out and you have to channel your inner hulk. 

I highly recommend Tugger straps to anyone that rides single track, hard enduro, dual-sport, and trail riding.