Utah is well known for there dirt bike trails and single track but not really their dirt bike or motocross tracks.

If you have are looking for the best Motocross parks and dirt bike tracks in Utah you have come to the right place.

We will list all the motocross parks and tracks that are open in Utah. Most of the dirt bike parks are privately owned and operated. Each motocross track will have different rules and regulations for dirt biking. It’s also important that some of these tracks are only open to the public on certain practice days.

The only publicly state motocross track is the Jordan River OHV State Park in North Salt Lake City Utah and the Cabon County Motocross track.

We will try and provide you with as much information as possible about the motocross parks and tracks here in Utah. A lot of them these tracks have closed. We will do our best to provide you with updated and current information.

Let’s support all the Motocross parks and dirt bike tracks in Utah, how do you support them?

All you need to do is go pay their fees and ride the tracks.

Here is a list of all the Best Motocross Parks and Dirt Bike Tracks in Utah

  • Mountain West Motocross Park – Goshen Canyon
  • Bunker Hill – Delta Utah
  • Bull Hollow Raceway – Monticello Utah
  • Carbon Country Motocross – Price Utah
  • Iron Horse Raceway – Huntington Utah
  • Jordan River OHV State Park – North Salt Lake
  • Iron Mine Raceway – Cedar City
  • Cache Valley MX Park – Cache Valley
  • Hot Springs Raceway / OCA Motocross – Farr West (Private Track)

Closed Motocross Parks and Dirt Bike Tracks in Utah

  • Throttle MX
  • St. George Motocross SGMX
  • Rocky Mountain Raceway MX
  • Iron Mine Raceway (Owners are selling )

Bunker Hill Motocross Park- Delta Utah

Website: Click here

Hours: Check Website. If the Hours are not on the website they are NOT OPEN

Location: Delta Utah

Bunker Hill in Delta Utah has been around for over 25 years and opens a few times a year to the public. Bunker hill typically hosts multiple racing events each year. You can sign-up to be notified of these racing events and also when the track is open to the public (See website). Typically they open in the spring and the fall.

Bunker Hill Motocross Track Price: Unknown

Bull Hollow Raceway Motocross Track

Website: Click Here

Hours Open: Check website/FB Page

Location: Monticello Utah

Bull Hollow Raceway is a motocross track in southeastern Utah, just outside of Monticello Utah. Bull Hollow Raceway hosts different dirt bike races from time to time, for example, the WEBE Racing and others. For open track, times visit Bull Hollow Raceway’s Facebook page and call or message them.

Bull Hollow Raceway motocross track is a private motocross track.

Bull Hollow Raceway Schedule:

  • May 30 USRA desert
  • May 31 USRA motocross
  • June 20-21 WEBE
  • June 28 AVDRA
  • July 11-12 USRA Motocross
Bull Hollow Raceway Motocross Track Price: Unknown

Carbon Country Motocross Track

Website: Click Here

Hours Open: Check website

Location: Price Utah

The Carbon County Motocross track is located in Price Utah and is a public motocross track. Price is located in Central Utah. Built by the famous Dirt Wurks Crew the Carbon County Motocross is one of Utah’s best outdoor motocross tracks.

It has a design after a national style for riders who live in the western United States.

Carbon County Motocross Park hosts a ton of different dirt bike racing events.

Carbon County Motocross Track Races:

  • USRA
Carbon County Motocross Track Price: Unknown

You can also visit the Carbon County Motocross Facebook page here

Iron Horse Raceway

Website: Click Here

Hours Open: Check Facebook link above

Location: Huntington Utah

Iron Horse Raceway is located in Central Utah, Huntington. They have a full motocross track to ride on and also a pee-wee track for the kids.

Iron Horse Raceway is a privately owned motocross track. Go to Facebook to see if there are open practice ride times or not.

Iron Horse Raceway Price: Unknown
Jordan River OHV State Park

Website: Click Here

Hours Open: Check Website

Location: North Salt Lake City

The Jordan River OHV State Park motocross track is one of the few state-owned motocross tracks in Utah. Located in Northern Salt Lake county the Jordan River OHV offers an adult outdoors motocross track, ATV/UTV track, and Pee Wee 50cc motocross track.

You have to be at least 8 years old and have a valid Utah dirt bike education certificate to ride inside of Jordan River OHV.

Closed during the wintertime but you can check Jordan River OHV’s Facebook page for hours

Day use costs $20 per rider no matter which track you choose to ride. You can purchase 10 or 20 passes at a time

Jordan River OHV motocross track prices:
  • Single Day Use $20
  • 10 Day Passes $160
  • 20 Day Passes $300

Iron Mine Race Park (Closing?)

Website: Click Here

Hours Open: Check Website

Location: Cedar City

Iron Mine Race Park is located in Cedar City which is in southern Utah. The Iron Mine Race Motocross park is a private track but is open to the public from April-October. IMRP hosts many different racing events during the racing season. Local, regional, and national racing events. You can rent the track for a private event, ATV riding school, and they offer open practices as well.

IMRP has different riding times for Bikes, ATVs, and UTVs.

Iron Mine Race Park price: $25

Visit Iron Mine Race Park Facebook Page – Click here

Cache Valley MX Park

Website: Click Here

Hours Open: Check Website

Location: Preston Idaho

Cache Valley MX park is actually located in Preston Idaho instead of Utah. However, Cache Valley is mostly a valley located in Utah and Preston is right on the border of Utah so it made the list of Best Motocross Parks and Dirt Bike Tracks in Utah.

Cache Valley MX Park is typically open in May and supports local racing.

Practice riding is open to the public and the times can be found on the website.

Cache Valley MX Park price: $25 Cash

Cache Vally MX Park Facebook page – Click here

Hot Springs Raceway / OCA Motocross

Website: Click Here

Hours Open: Check Website

Location: Farr West Utah

The Ogden Cycle Association is the motorcycle club that runs and maintains the private Hot Springs Raceway. Hot Springs Raceway is for private members. The club holds lots of racing events and does offer public practice days. The dates to these open practice dates are posted on the website.

Hot Springs Raceway’s claim to fame is its dirt quality. Most of the motocross tracks in Utah have baked jumps and hard dirt. Willard Bay provides a unique brown loam for dirt bikers to enjoy.

Because this is a members-only MX park there are fewer people and the track stays in better shape.


Hot Springs Raceway track price: See website

Hot Springs Raceway MX Park Facebook page – Click here

UTAH is not known for having lots of different motocross tracks. Utah is well known for all the amazing single track that they have to offer. Everything from alpine mountain single track, desert single track, and even slick rock single track.

Utah is a great place for a dirt biker to live, as you can ride year round in Utah. In the winter you can head down south to southern Utah to ride in the desert.

There use to be a really nice motocross track in St. George that you could ride in the winter time but they recently sold it do be developed.

So why does Utah not have all that many options to choose from when it comes to Motocross tracks? Well, a couple of reasons, I feel the liability is pretty high for private motocross tracks.

Paying the insurance premiums on a motocross track that only is open every once in a while probably isn’t all that cost effective.

We also do not have all that many people here in the state of Utah. This affects the amount of people paying to ride motocross tracks.

Also, unlike California, Utahns do not grow up riding motocross tracks. We grow up riding single track and out in the desert.

However, there are a few motocrosses left open here in Utah, and let’s hope they stay open. Get out there and support your local motocross club or track.

Stay safe and ride hard.