There is no doubt that there will always be risks in riding a dirt bike but wearing protective gear can make a difference. It can save a life if in case of accident happen during the ride. One of the vital gears for riders is a dirt bike neck brace designed to protect the neck from fatal injuries. Therefore, it’s also essential to know the suitable and best dirt bike neck brace for you.

In this list of the best dirt bike neck braces 2022, you’ll have an idea of the top neck braces that provide the best protection to get the most out of your ride. In addition, we’ll give some insights and the pros and cons of each dirt bike brace to make it easier for you to shop for one.

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On the first list of top dirt bikes, neck braces are the affordable Leatt GPX 3.5, which reduces the impact of a crash to the neck by up 43%. It also offers unique features and style, making it stand out among any other products.

Best Features of Leatt GPX 3.5

This Leatt GPX neck brace is popular because of its robust and non-flexible design protection made from premium materials. Its strong PC shell is incorporated with polyamide along with EPC construction for a lightweight experience. 

It also offers a comfortable style with its adjustable thoracic strut that works together with the body’s movement. It’s also vital to ensure that the neck brace can fit perfectly to the wearer. 

You can also expect soft and removable foam padding to add more comfort and protection. Its foam also offers optimum ventilation since it has excellent airflow ribbed. Additionally, Leatt GPX 3.5 has offered an Ergonomic feature suitable to reduce pain and discomfort for a safe and sound ride. 

Aside from the protection and comfort that it could offer, Leatt GPX 3.5 is proven and tested to be excellent in doing its job as a neck brace. Additionally, it’s engineered to prevent the neck brace from damaging your collarbones by making a cutout near your fragile bones.

Although there are some reviews about this neck brace not being the best fit for everyone. Therefore, it’s essential to choose the right size and make sure it fits you well to get the most out of this product. 

Alpinestars Bionic Support Tech 2

best neck brace for dirt biking

When it comes to style and comfort, Alpinestars bionic support tech 2 is on the hotlist. It offers features that will protect the wearers from suffering injuries on their neck and spine. So let’s explore what this Alpinestars dirt back neck brace can offer.

Best Features of Alpinestars

The first thing worth mentioning about this reliable neck brace is its premium lightweight materials made from carbon polymer. In this matter, this carbon neck brace is convenient to wear since it’s not so heavy to carry. It will be easy for the rider to ride and move naturally.

In terms of protection, Alpinestars bionic can offer a more rigid design that helps in reducing the forces from directly hitting the sensitive parts of the neck and the bones. Along with the robust design is the added layer of protection by the lightweight and reliable foam surrounding the neck brace. It’s designed to disperse the force away from the neck and prevent trauma. 

Additionally, you can find the design of Aphinestar focused on protection since it is elevated from the shoulder to protect the collarbones and make the movement of the wearer more comfortable. 

Its commendable performance and function are not only the reason why Alphinestar bionic is one of the top neck braces. Alpinestars is also known for its versatility as it offers adjustable braces for growing riders. Moreover, it’s highly adaptable in case the braces need to be removed immediately from the rider because of its magnetized closure system. 

Although one thing that you should consider is its thick padding that can cause you to sweat more. Unlike other brands, its ventilation is not that excellent, so expect to feel hot and sweaty when you wear this Alpinestars bionic support tech 2. 

Atlas Air Neck Brace

Compared to most neck braces, the design of the Atlas Air Neck Brace focuses more on the comfort that it can give to the riders. It offers a more simple, lightweight, and small style without sacrificing the durability and protection it could provide. So what’s the deal of this flexible Atlas Air?

Best Features of Atlas Air

Atlas Air neck brace is launched to finally solve the issues of most riders about neck braces being uncomfortable and heavy. This discomfort issue is addressed by Atlas Air by adding its Split-Flex feature. It is designed to naturally go with the movement of the shoulder to increase mobility. 

Additionally, Atlas Air boasts versatile adjustments from its rear support, straps, and padding for an optimum fit. And speaking of its strap, its solid X-style ensures the neck brace stays in its place even during challenging rides. It also offers excellent strap adjustment to fit any body size. Atlas Air also has a single button release system which provides an easy to wear and convenient to take off neck brace. With just one button push, the neck brace can be removed from the rider’s neck in case of a crash. 

Furthermore, Atlas Air is also known to be engineered from high-quality polymer materials that offer excellent protection to every rider. It has 27% more body contact, which increases the chance of spreading the forces and preventing serious injuries.

However, like any other product, Atlas Air has a downside that is essential to note before buying one. When you get an Atlas Air Neck Brace, there is a high chance for your chest support to be incompatible with this product. Therefore, you might need to customize your chest protector or buy one of Atlas chest support along with their neck brace. Although overall, this Atlas Air is top when it comes to providing a safe and comfortable motocross ride.

Leatt 6.5 Carbon Neck Brace

Leatt 6.5 Carbon Neck Brace dirt bike

Leatt is known for its protection-focused neck braces, which is not a bad thing, especially that the real purpose of the neck brace is to protect. Leatt’s 6.5 Carbon neck brace is another product that can attest to that purpose with its robust design and unique features. Let’s know more about the difference between this 6.5 Carbon neck brace to other competitors.

Best Features of Leatt 6.5 Carbon

In terms of Leatt 6.5’s appearance compared to Atlas Air, it looks bigger and heavier due to its extra materials. But despite its heavy look, its weight is no more than six hundred grams which is light for a carbon neck brace. Therefore, like Atlas, Leatt 6.5 also offers the comfort that most riders look for in a neck brace.

Aside from the comfort, Leatt 6.5 also offers the rigidity that a neck brace should have to channel the forces away from the fragile areas of the neck during a crash. Furthermore, its bulky foam padding also plays a vital role in dispersing the impact and protecting the collarbone and neck from severe trauma. So, its large pad is really not bad, especially if you are most concerned about your safety while driving your dirt bike.

Leatt 6.5 Carbon neck brace also offers fine adjustments like other products with its two size variations. It also comes in with an optimum fit chest strap to keep the neck brace intact and secure. In addition, this carbon brace is ideal for emergency situations since it’s engineered to have a convenient release system. 

 Although one thing to note about this carbon neck brace is the fact that it’s sturdy, which can be an issue for riders who want to move comfortably. Moreover, since it’s bulky and more closed in design, it can be hotter to wear than other neck braces. 

Leatt 5.5 Neck Brace

Leatt 5.5 was launched way before the 6.5 model of neck braces, but it does not mean that this model is not great. In fact, it’s reliable, rigid, and versatile as much as the newer version of the Leatt neck braces. 

Best Features of Leatt 5.5

Leatt 5.5 is made of high-quality polyamide, offering a budget-friendly neck brace for riders. It is heavier compared to other versions, but it will be helpful to add an extra layer of protection. Its size and shape are typically the same as the 6.5 but with more color variations available than the carbon version.

Another best thing about this Leatt 5.5 is its back portion which is designed to break if there is too much force from the crash. In that case, the spine will be safe from the impact of the crash. It also has the same release mechanism, just like its newer version, which makes it worthy.

However, the issue about this Leatt 5.5 is the lack of air coming in because of its lousy ventilation. So, when you ride with it, you’ll probably feel your sweat dripping. However, this Leatt is still on the top list because of its affordable price, and it does have the essential features needed for a neck brace.

Neck Brace Conclusion

Having the proper riding gear while dirt bike really can help there is NO SUBSTITUTE to learning proper technique.

Proper riding techniques help insure you crash less making sure you use your safety gear less.

Also, there is some debate if a dirt bike neck brace actually does more harm than good when it comes to safety. I recommend consulting a neck and spine specialist to make sure you are making the right decision. 

Stay safe out there

See you out on the trails.

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