This is a review of the Baja No Pinch Tire Tool.


While I am no expert at changing dirt bike tires. I still tend to change a fair amount of tires. Probably more than I would like. Traditionally I use a tire stand and 3-4 tire spoons to take the dirt bike tire on and off. While this method works great and is what the pros use, I like to try out new tools that can help me along the way.

No more pinching tubes!

For me, the hardest part of spooning on a new dirt bike tire is towards the end when you only have a little bit of the sidewall bead to go. This is super tight and putting spoons under there is tough.

This process can pinch the tube while you are mounting the tire which is crazy annoying and frustrating.


  • No pinched Flats
  • No scratches on Rim’s
  • Faster and easier tire install

There is nothing worse than installing a tire and then popping the tube with a tire spoon. Usually, this happens on the last part of spooning the bead on the rim as it takes some strength and power to get that bead over the rim.

How do you avoid that?

The Baja No Pinch tool allows you to use the rack and pinion system to push the rubber bead onto the rim without using tire irons or touching the tube or rim.

One of the things that bug me about this process is scratching or scuffing up the rim with the tire irons. 

With all the black or blue rims, we have on dirt bikes these days I like to try to avoid scratching them up every time I do a tire change.

No Scratched up Dirt Bike Rims


So, far I have not been able to change a dirt bike tire without scuffing up my rims. While I am MUCH better at it than I used to be it still bugs me.

I get this is me being picky but I have to be honest it bugs me.

Having the Baja No Pinch tire tool helps you push the bead onto the rim without touching or scratching your rim.

I get this is me being picky but I have to be honest it bugs me.


BAJA No Pinch Tool Dirt Bike Tool helps speed up the tire installation process

Like I said earlier, I am no pro at installing tires so I like tools that make it easier and faster when it comes to installing dirt bike tires. The No pinch tool from Baja does exactly that, it helped speed up my tire installation while making it easier for me.

Does the Baja No Pinch tool eliminate the use of tire Irons?

No, you still will need to use the help of tire irons but the Baja No Pinch tool really comes in handy towards the hard or end part of putting the bead on the rim.


How Does the Baja No Pinch Tire Tool work?

The Baja No Pinch tool is made from high-quality materials and uses a simple and easy-to-use rack and pinion system. You slide the proper size aluminum axle shaft into the axle hole on your dirt bike rim. You then use the handle and gear rack to apply pressure onto the bead and you use the handle to push the bead down onto the rim.

The Baja No Pinch tool comes in sizes for all large dirt bikes and also some mini dirt bikes.


What’s included Baja No Pinch Ultimate Tire Tool Kit?

You have three choices when it comes to purchasing the Baja No Pinch ultimate tire tool. You can get an entire kit that comes with all the proper axle shafts you need to have for all dirt bike axle sizes.

Or you can buy them individually.

  • Baja No Pinch Tire Tool with 20 mm axle shaft.
  • 25 mm Aluminum Sleeve – Purple Anodized
  • 17 mm Aluminum Axle Shaft – Gold Anodized
  • 15 mm Aluminum Axle Shaft – Green Anodized

Everything is made in the USA. 

Baja No Pinch Tire Tool Conclusion:

Now there are some pros and cons when it comes to using the Baja No Pinch Tire tool for installing dirt bike tires. There was a small learning curve and I also hear that gummy tires are a struggle because of the soft sidewalls.


  • No pinched tubes
  • No scratched rims
  • Easier than tire spoons


  • Expensive
  • Only for installing the tire
  • Small learning curve
  • Might not be worth it with gummy tires

You will have to decide the Baja No Pinch tool makes it into your garage or not. 

It made it into mine and so far I feel like its worth it!