This is an ON THE TRAIL review of the all-new 2020 Beta 200 RR.

I got my hands on the all new 2020 Beta 200RR and as you do…..You take it on the 5 miles of hell trail.

This was my first time riding the 5 miles of hell trail and my first time on the Beta 200 RR as well.

Fitting right?

5MOH is the perfect training grounds for the Beta 200 RR and I was pumped to get my hands on the Beta.

On this dirt bike trip were Kyle, Tyler, and I.

We left early in the AM on a cool day in October. We headed south to the Temple mountain road and ended up at the Five Miles of Hell trailhead.

We unloaded and geared up.

The Beta was set up with Tubliss but other than that it was set up stock.

We will go into the details of the all new 2020 Beta 200 rr but it’s worth mentioning that the 200 stroke doesn’t have that many options to go with.

KTM as of right now only makes a 150cc 2 stroke

How good is the 2020 Beta 200 RR’s Motor?

The Beta 200 RR is a carburated (Keihin PWK 36mm) 2 stroke motor that starts easily.

There is a vibration in the handlebars and the pegs but once you start moving I didn’t really notice it.

The power of the 2020 Beta 200 RR is REALLY good.

It has plenty of torque to feel like you can easily loft the front tire on demand.

It’s a smooth powerful motor.

I really really liked this motor (190.2cc) and in my opinion, is the best feature of the 200 RR.

2020 Beta 200 RR Motor Specs

  • 190.2cc Motor
  • Keihin PWK 36mm Carb
  • 62mm Bore
  • 63mm Stroke
  • 13.5:1 Compression Ratio
  • 2 Stroke Oil injection

The Beta 200 is a liquid-cooled 2 stroke motor that comes with oil injection. You can start the 200 RR via the electric start system but you can also add a kick starter to the Beta 200 RR but the kick start doesn’t come from stock.

The Transmission on the 2020 Beta 200 RR is a 6 speed, which makes it nice when you’re trying to find the right gear while riding.

2020 Beta 200 RR frame and suspension

The next thing you notice after the motor is the frame/chassis and handling of the bike.

The 2020 Beta 200 RR is fitted with a 48 mm Sachs USD fork and a Sachs rear shock.

The frame was built out of Molybdenum steel.

The seat height is a bit smaller than other brands of dirt bikes which makes the dirt bike feel more planted and easier to plant your foot when needed.

This lower seat height is nice for riding technical hard single track.

I found it easier to do pivot turns on a bike with a lower seat height.

2020 Beta 200 RR chassis specs

  • 36.6” Seat Height
  • 58.1 Wheelbase
  • 213.8 lbs Dry weight
  • 48 mm Sachs USD fork
  • Sachs Rear shock
  • 21″ Front Rim
  • 18″ Rear Rim

Best dirt bike helmet for 2020

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