** This is a review of Logan’s 2018 Yamaha YZ250X

Logan has been riding dirt bikes for a couple of years now. His very first dirt bike was a 2005 CRF250x that he bought used. After riding the CRF250x for a year he decided he wanted to try something different and bought a KTM 150XCW – Click here to see logan’s thoughts on his 150

After a while, Logan decided he wanted to try a 250 stroke and found a good deal on a 2018 Yamaha YZ250x that only had 2 hours total on the bike.

For those that are not familiar with the Yamaha YZ250x…..here is a brief explanation.

The YZ250x is closely related to the 2006 YZ250 that has remained pretty much unchanged.

Yamaha built the YZ250x to be geared towards open country type riding instead of riding on a motocross bike.

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Here are the difference between the YZ250 and the YZ250x

  • 18″ Rear rim
  • Kickstand
  • Pipe that is wrapped closer to the bike
  • Different compression ratio
  • Different tires

As you can see there really isn’t too many differences between the standard YZ250 and the YZ250x.

Logan bought his 2018 YZ250x to ride a bit of everything. We have ridden the YZ250x out in the desert, flowy singletrack, mountain single track, and even technical singletrack.

Logan bought the YZ from a gentleman that bought it thinking it would be a good dirt bike for him to get started on. Turns out it was too much for him. So, the bike had really low hours and looked like it was brand new.

IMG 2912

2018 Yamaha YZ250X mods

  • Tubliss
  • Cycra flag guards
  • ODI
  • Lectron Carb
  • FMF Silencer
  • Acerbis Skid Plate
  • Tusk Black Levers

Logan’s previous dirt bikes before purchasing the YZ250X

  • 2005 Honda CRF250x
  • 2017 KTM 150 XCW

What we really like about the Yamaha YZ250x dirt bike.


Being a bigger bike this is not a beginner’s dirt bike and is more powerful and isn’t for beginners. A 250 2 stroke has a ton of power and can be a handful for someone that is just getting started.

However, we feel like the power is really good and has a playful feeling.

The suspension, cornering, and handling are really good!!

Its a nimble and playful and has some of the best forks for fast and flowy terrain.

It’s heavier than the 150 but feels more playful and the KTM 150 XCW kinda had a stink bug feeling. We do know we could have probably adjusted that out.

The YZ 250 is old technology but it’s nice to experience the raw dirt bike. It has plenty of power and can hang with the new bikes.

Oh yeah did we mention the blue rims are SWEET!

IMG 1206

What are somethings we don’t like about the YZ250X

Kickstarting the bike in certain areas can be not fun and also the seat height feels a little higher and someone that is 5’9…..well sometimes short legs don’t help.

  • Not having electric start
  • Not having a clear gas tank
  • Not having a Hydraulic clutch and brake

There really isn’t very much that we don’t like about the YZ and its been Logan’s favorite dirt bike to date.

Even the technology is years old it’s still is really good and typically a couple of thousand dollars cheaper than its competitors.