Male vs Female Dirt Bike Riders

Male VS Female Dirt Bikers in the US

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The latest insights on American male vs. female dirt bikers reveal two key trends. More women are picking up dirt biking, and more of these new dirt bikers have a college education. Other notable trends include multiple dirt bike ownership per household and lower accident rates among female bikers compared to male bikers.


Male vs. female dirt biker statistics


19 % of dirt bike riders in the United States are presently ladies, while 81 % are male, as indicated by the Motorcycle Industry Council’s annual study. Female riders come from all walks of life, including teachers, entrepreneurs, and other professions.


Age and socioeconomic


The median age for female dirt bikers is 39 compared to 48 for men. Nearly half (49 %) of female dirt bikers handle their repair and maintenance or have a companion or relative who does it. A handful takes their dirt bikes to the repair shop.

81 % of female dirt bike riders have gone to college.

Among young riders, the number of ladies is significantly high. 17% of Gen X bike riders are ladies. Among Baby Boomers, female dirt bikers make up 9% of all riders.

The number of females among younger riders is even higher, with 26 percent of Gen Y riders being females. 49% of female dirt bikers are married.


Bike sizes


A majority of top female dirt bikers are 5′ 6″ or less, and they ride full-size 450cc motocross bicycles. However, most ladies choose 125 to 250cc dirt bikes.


Motivators for dirt biking


In 48,000 American families, women were asked to share their main three motivations behind riding dirt bikes. “Fun and recreation,” “sense of freedom,” and “enjoying outdoors were some of the top responses.

Biking motivators for both men and women were personal factors, including maintaining or improving fitness, unwinding and reducing stress, and getting physical exercise in busy lifestyles.

More women than men agreed that fun and enjoyment, adding physical activity into a busy lifestyle, and enjoying the outdoors were big motivators.

Women also cited social factors such as building confidence, riding with friends and relatives, and joining biking teams, events, and programs as critical key motivators.

Away from the dirt roads, large numbers of women have chosen to control the dirt bike world by setting up their own businesses. Brands such as Curvy Riderz, GoGoGear, and Stellar Motor Brand were started by female business visionaries who have a passion for riding.


Time spent biking


Women spend more time dirt biking than men. Women’s average time of dirt biking in a day is 200 minutes and 120 for men. This explains why more women than men say that they choose to ride dirt bikes as a form of physical activity. Compared to the general population, 57% of female dirt bikers meet their daily physical exercise requirements/guidelines by riding the bikes.


Dirt biking accidents


There is a relative risk of injury when bikes are driven along rougher terrains. Most men seek out these rugged terrains, while women prefer to ride along paths.

In their dirt bike injuries data 2001-2004 period, the Center for Disease Control shows that 88% of the victims were male. Women are careful dirt bikers.