In this article, we talk about the best dirt bike handguards on the market today

Protecting your hands while dirt biking is more important than you think. Now there are a few things we need to sort before we deep dive into the best dirt bike handguards.

There are a few different terms used when it comes to talking about stuff that protects your hands.

Different names for Dirt Bike handguards:

  • Full Wrap Hand guards
  • Flag Guards
  • Hand Shields
  • Debris Deflectors
  • Hand Guard Deflectors
  • Roost Deflectors
  • MX Shields
  • Barkbusters

Why do you need handguards on your dirt bike?

If you have ever spent time offroad, on singletrack, behind someone on a motocross track. Protecting your hands is a MUST. When riding offroad or singletrack you want to protect your hands from brush and tree branches. 

Being stabbed or smacked with a branch sucks… and can end a ride early. 

No matter, if it’s motocross or offroad racing riding behind another dirt bike rider, makes your hands are exposed to rocks and dirt being hurled at you from the rear tire of the rider in front of you.

It hurts to get hit with dirt and rocks.

You want to make sure your hands stay in tip-top shape so you can have full control of your dirt bike while riding. From time to time, you will see the pro supercross riders using flag guards to protect their hands.

There are 2 well maybe 3 different types of dirt bike handguards

Handguards are not all that complicated but there are some differences I would like to point out so you can make the best decision for which handguards you want to slap on your dirt bikes.

dirt bike full wrap handguards
Dirt bike flag guards
Dirt bike flag guards with rebound

Full Wrap HandGuards

Flag Guard Handguards

Rebound Flag Handguards

Full Wrap Handguards:

Full wrap handguards are for those that want the toughest handguards on the market. They attach to the handlebars down by the handlebar mount and then have a bar that wraps around from the handlebar mount to the end of the handlebar where the grips are. Can take a hard impact like a smack on a tree.

Flag Handguards:

Attached to the handlebars down by the handlebar mount. Flag guards are only really meant to deflect debris that is flying towards your hands but not meant to take a large impact like a tree. Perfect for motocross to protect your hands from rocks and dirt. Or, just make sure you are always in the front!

Rebound Flag Guards:

Just like standard flag guards they attach down to the handlebars but do not have a bar that connects to the grip. However, the rebound handguard is stiffer than a standard flag guard and can take more of an impact. Once hit they rebound back into place. In my experience, they are tougher than the standard non-rebound flag handguards but not as strong as the full wrap handguards.

Dirt bike handguards

Here are the best dirt bike handguards for 2022

Nowadays some of the modern offroad dirt bikes are coming with OEM flag guards from the factory. KTM has been providing them with their XCW dirt bikes for years. Are they the best? No, not really but they are MUCH better than having nothing to protect your hands.

See above photo for OEM flag guards

Good thing the aftermarket world has come to our aid. There are tons of really solid options for any type of full wrap or flag guard you could want.


Reflex dirt bike handguards

The Reflex Racing dirt bike Handguards are unique when it comes to dirt bike handguards. Not only do they offer full wrap they also are flexible. Built from high-quality 6061 billet aluminum they work with all dirt bike bars on the market. The Reflex Racing handguards come with a pair of inner bar mounts, guard bar, plastic shield or deflector, graphics, and all mounting hardware. 

  • Works with 1-1/18 and 7/8 bars
  • Super tough
  • Inner mount flexes (Cable union)
  • You can move the guards back into place
  • More secure with special inner mounts
  • Work with Fasst Flex bars


Cycra has been building high-quality full-wrap handguards for a while. The latest handguards from Cycra are what we come to expect from Cycra. The Cycra Ultra Probend CRM or HCM Complete Racer Pack is a quality full wrap handguard system for the 1-1/8″ handlebars.  The Cycra Ultra Probend Complete Racer Pack comes with EVERYTHING you need to mount up your full-wrap handguards so you can get out and ride.

  • Complete Kit includes bars, mount clamps, shield, vent, decals, power grip bar ends, Probend guards, hardware, and fallen key
  • 6061 aluminum
  • Color-matched plastic abrasion guards
  • All parts can be replaced


Designed and built-in Australia the BarkBusters handguards are a top-of-the-line full wrap handguard. Built for the dirt bike racer by dirt bike racer. Tough and made-to-last BarkBusters are a great option and come with everything you need to start smacking trees and staying up right.

  • Hardware Kit included
  • Two mounting points secure the full wrap-around design.
  • Heat-treated aluminum for added strength and impact protection.
  • Deflectors can be removed easily
  • Easy installation.



Fastway makes a great full wrap handguard for your dirt bike. Built from high-quality 6061 billet aluminum. 

  • Shields included.
  • 6061 billet aluminum impact deflector hand guards.
  • 6061 billet aluminum solid top clamp/guard mount.
  • Individual left and right top bar clamps/guard mounts.
  • Aluminum impact deflector handguards.
  • All mounting hardware included.
  • Handguard will not work with some Steel Bars or Renthals Twin-Walls. Will not work on 2016 + model BETAs.



Acerbis has been in the business of making great dirt bike parts for years. The Acerbis full wrap handguards are built for those that want a stylish and tough handguard. Made from high-quality parts the X-Factor handguards come with everything you need to mount up and get out and ride.


  • Built to last while looking good
  • Universal fit and mounting hardware
  • Plastic wraps around offering more protection 


All the listed handguards will do the job and protection your knuckles and fingers from getting busted up. Protecting your hands are a really important part of dirt biking. 

Keep those hands protected!