In this article, we chat about all the different options you have for choosing the right dirt bike tire spoons for you.


Any time you need to change your dirt bike tire or do tire installation, you don’t have to visit the dirt bike shop every time. Changing a tire is fast and straightforward for anyone with basic DIY skills. Once you get the tire changing technique, you will save a lot of money and time when switching tires. The best tool to use is quality dirt bike tire spoons. Avoid using tools laying around the garage like screwdrivers!! You do not want to pinch your tube while installing or removing your tires.

Right tools for the job!

With this kit, you won’t have to waste time-fighting with screwdrivers or other tools that can even cause damage to the rim or tube. So, which dirt bike tire spoons are the best? Below is our list of the best dirt bike tire spoons you can find on the market.

dirt bike tire iron kit

This Tusk Tire Iron Kit is one of the best kits in the market for changing motorcycle tires. Most mechanics prefer it because it has three ideal irons that enhance quick and simple tire changes. Besides, the kit includes (2) 10.5″ tire spoons and (1) 15″ curved tire iron. The kit has the following features:

• It is a 3-piece tire iron kit suitable for motorcycle tire changes

• 10.5″ tire irons with a wide, thin spoon for a perfect fit on different motorcycle rims

• Rubber coated handles for user comfort

• The 15″ curved iron tire has a curved shape that allows you to reach under the tire bead. Its curved design makes it simple to install a tire.

• It is constructed from heavy-duty forged steel for better performance and durability. They are also designed to resist rust and bending.

Tusk dirt bike tire spoon

Tusk Aluminum Tire Iron

The Tusk Aluminum Tire Iron is an excellent way to decrease weight in your bag and reduce the number of tools it takes to change a motorcycle tire. What’s good about this kit is that it allows you to combine the tire iron with the rim-lock wrench, helping you save space in your tool bag. Besides, it is made from 7075 T-6 aluminum for flexibility, quality, and high strength. Some other features include:

• The manufacturer offers the wrench in 22, 24, 27, 30, and 32mm

• All the levers are provided in multiple wrench options

• Its 12/13mm wrench has a stepped design that enables it to work well on all valve stem nuts and rim locks

• Features a well-designed and shaped tire spoon that ensures fast tire changes while reducing the chances of pinching tubes

• For user comfort, it has a comfortable and well-shaped handle.

Motion Pro tire iron

Motion Pro Spoon Tire Iron

The Motion Pro lineup is endless, but this Motion Pro 08-0409 Spoon Type Tire Iron is a simple to use, classic, and long-lasting kit you can rely on. It is built with a simple design that makes changing tires easy and quick. With each lever measuring 10 inches long, it is flexible enough to pack in a tool roll. Other features include:

• The width of the spoon is 25mm, and the wide spoon-shaped end helps you avoid pinching the tube

• It features a curved handle that fits comfortably in hand for reliable grip

• Never worry about how to carry the kit because it includes a vinyl carrying pouch that makes moving and storage easy

• In addition, it features a hard nickel pewter finish that resists scratches or rust.


Motion Pro T-6 Combo Lever Spoon Set

With Motion Pro 08-0115 10″ spoon tire type iron set, you can remove or seat motorcycle tires like a pro. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced mechanic, this spoon tire iron set will be simple to use because it has a simple design. Measuring only 10 inches long and weighing 7.1 ounces, the tool is hassle-free to carry and can fit in a tool bag without taking much space. Still, it has other cool features, including:

• A hard nickel finish weather-resistant pewter finish and increases durability

• It has a curved end that serves as a handle to give the user enough comfort

• Top tire changers recommend it because it can be used by both right and left-handed mechanics

• If you are on a budget, you can choose this spoon-type tire iron because it has a reasonable price.

Tusk Sure Grip Tire Iron

Tusk Sure-Grip Tire 12″ Spoon

If you are looking for a lightweight motorcycle tire changing kit, Tusk Sure Grip Tire Iron is the best option. It is equipped with everything you require to do your job without pinching or damaging the tube. The set includes (1) a 12-inch tire iron with a suitable radius well designed to enhance simple action and prevent accidental tube pinching or damage.

• The steel spoon is made from zinc-plated steel that offers enough strength and stability to handle all tire changing tasks

• Its construction is sturdy enough to withstand demanding tasks, and it won’t bend easily

• This 12″ tool has a dual-compound rubber compound that provides you with ultimate grip even when your hands are wet

• It has a robust finish that makes it shiny, rustproof, weather-resistant, and durable

• In addition, it is lightweight and slim, making it travel-friendly.

Tusk 17" Mega Tire Iron

Tusk 17″ Mega Tire Iron

If you operate an automotive shop, you will require something heavy-duty enough to handle any motorbike tire repairs. Tusky 17″ Mega Tire Iron will do the job for anyone in need. This tool not only protects the wheels but it ensures repairs are done with more precision and care. Many mechanics recommend it because it has a compact body that makes it simple to carry and store. Other notable features include:

• The tire iron is long and well designed for increased leverage and performance

• It is equipped with an aluminum handle that gives enough control and user comfort

• This tool has a wide spoon area that provides smooth action and prevents rim nicks

• It has a stylish finish that is resistant to scratches, corrosion, and rust

• Specially designed for bikes, motorcycles, and small tires

• The weather-resistant finish allows you to use the tool in all weather conditions.

KTM Tire Iron Set Orange

KTM Tire Iron Set Orange

Are you looking for a universal tire lever kit? If yes, the KTM tire lever repair kit is the best to purchase. It has a perfect leverage system and a comfortable handle, making it one of the best kits for both beginners and professionals. The kit has a simple design that allows you to finish your task efficiently, and it ensures you are not too tired while changing or repairing bike tires.

• The curved end provides your hand with maximum control over all angles

• It is constructed from orange-anodized aluminum that is lightweight, and it can withstand multiple uses

• Its aluminum construction is not only long-lasting, but it is also good at resisting impacts

• Has integrated ring spanners 32mm, 27mm, 17mm, 13mm, and 10mm

• Features a strong finish that is weatherproof and rustproof

• The front is spoon-shaped to allow you to repair tires smoothly without damaging the rim

• With its lightweight design, you can carry the tire lever kit anywhere, and it doesn’t need much space for storage.

Motion Pro BeadPro™ Aluminum Tire Bead Breaker and Lever Tool Set

Motion Pro 08-0519 BeadPro Lever Tool Set

Over the past years, Motion Pro has had a good reputation for making innovative motorcycle tools that make repairs fast, safe, and hassle-free. The Motion Pro O8-0519 BeadPro toolset is one of the best multi-use tire toolsets that beginners and professionals can comfortably use.

• The lever toolset has a compact size and lightweight design that makes the set simple to carry and store without needing much space

• It is made of heavy-duty forged steel construction for high strength, impact resistance, and durability

• Features a black-oxide protective finish for better performance and longevity

• This set has a 16-inch length that provides ample leverage to handle any task easily

• The length of each lever is 249mm, and it works well on most off-road motorcycle tires

• It has integrated tire spoons for simple tire installation and removal. The spoon is well shaped to protect the rim and tube from damage

• Includes a bead breaker

• It is equipped with an ergonomic handle with a crossguard that prevents the hand from riding forward.


Terry Cable Ultimate Tyer Iron

Another dirt bike tire spoon works perfectly on ATV, motorcycles, mountain bikes, and supermoto bikes. The spoon is carefully crafted from heavy-duty steel with a strong finish that combats rust and oxidation.

• This tool is 14.5 inches long; this offers extra leverage and user comfort

• It features an artistic and robust handle with sure grip and contours that allows you to do repairs with more control and precision

• Features a wide spoon area with a great radius that ensures smooth operation and prevents accidental tube nicks

• It has a lightweight and compact design that makes it simple to use and store

• The construction is durable and impact resistant

• Enhances fast and easy removal of all dirt bike tires

Terry Cable Mighty Tire Iron

Terry Cable Mighty Tire Iron 16 1/2″

Lastly, we have this kit designed to make motorcycle tire repairs simple and fast. It is built with a flexible design that makes it easy to carry anywhere and store without needing much space. Besides, it includes a comfortable handle with pleasing contours and a good grip that enhances user comfort.

• The spoon area has a good radius that ensures smooth operation action and prevents accidental tube nicks

• The spoon-shaped edge slides under the tire bead, making it simple to install and remove a tire

• No matter how stubborn or straightforward the tire might be, the tire makes the job easy and fast

• In addition, it is one of the best to invest in if you are on a budget.



Motorcycle repairs can be tricky and unpredictable, but your fixing tools should not be complicated too. A perfect dirt bike tire spoon for motorcycles will enhance precise, fast, and efficient tire repair while reducing the risk of damaging the rim. In our guide, Motion Pro 08-0519 BeadPro Lever Tool Set is the best dirt bike tire spoon kit that can be used for dirt bike tire installations and repairs.

Its high-end construction, lightweight design, and compact size make it stand out, which helps you change tires fast. Still, with all the information above, there are other options you can consider. Before you do repairs, we recommend you practice using these tools in advance so that you don’t find yourself doing repairs the wrong way.

The Tusk Tire irons are the best value for money.