Westt Dirt Bike Helmet

4.4 out of 5 stars

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Westt Dirt Bike Helmet: Best Dirt Bike Helmet for 2023 for Various Riding Conditions

Westt Dirtbike Helmets
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Highlight: Very comfortable and perfect fitment

Awesome Helmet!

I was raised on a dairy farm where we always had dirt bikes, 3-wheelers, and 4-wheelers. These days, my nieces and nephews ride these toys, and the adults watch or ride with them. Once in a while, my brother and I might race on the four-wheelers just for fun. I’ve been using a helmet that I purchased 25 years ago. According to Google, the general rule of thumb is to replace a helmet every 5 years… needless to say, I am long overdue for a new one. I saw this helmet and decided to try it out.


The helmet liner has snap buckles and is easily removable for cleaning. This is particularly useful since I typically ride on hot summer days in Wisconsin. You never know how much dirt and sweat has accumulated in the padding of the helmet. Plus, if the helmet is shared, it’s great to know I can clean it thoroughly.

The dual visor is a convenient feature for me. As I often ride in wooded areas on warm days, the outer visor is perfect for protecting my face as I ride through the woods. Then, I can lift it and use the inner sun shield when riding through open fields. This design also prevents the helmet from fogging up and eliminates the need for sunglasses inside the helmet, enhancing comfort while riding. The best part is that both visors can be down simultaneously.

The option to remove the visors and wear riding goggles gives me endless possibilities for eye and face protection.

The quick-release safety buckle is easy to use, especially with riding gloves. My old helmet’s chin strap was hard to fasten through the D-hooks due to the loss of dexterity from the gloves. This chin strap can be easily secured and released at any time, even with gloves on.

The helmet is DOT Certified, ensuring rider safety.


None at the moment.


My forehead size is approximately 23 inches (58.42 cm). I fall between the Medium and Large helmet sizes. I opted for the Medium, assuming a snug fit would be better than a slightly loose one. This was the right choice, as the helmet fits perfectly!

I’m also planning to try this helmet with my motorcycle (a 1997 883 Harley Davidson). Currently, I use a half helmet which is probably past its lifespan as well. If I remember, I’ll update my post after trying this helmet a few times. I’m excited to use it right now!

Tim Lamers
Westt Dirtbike Helmets

Good helmet

The helmet fits well and feels surprisingly comfortable. It has ample room around the ears, making wearing earbuds underneath possible, so you can still take calls on the go. Additionally, it keeps your head warm in winter but has enough airflow to be comfortable in warmer months. However, I would suggest using anti-fog spray or a visor designed for anti-fogging if you’re riding in temperatures colder than 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15 degrees Celsius). Without this, the visor tends to fog up relatively quickly. Overall, it’s a great helmet with some very nice features.

Jameel Dixon
Westt Dirtbike Helmets

Saved me!

I’m giving it 5 stars because it saved me from a serious accident at 30mph going downhill—my first and most appreciated helmet! It does the job, and I’m very grateful. However, there are things I don’t like: the visor fogs up (I eventually removed it), and I absolutely hate the clip. I almost always ended up asking someone else to undo it because it drove me mad. Also, I have ears that stick out a bit, and it was always a challenge not to fold my left ear. Sometimes it hurt to take the helmet off, as it would rip out my ear piercings. I think I paid about £60, so I honestly have nothing major to complain about. It did what it was supposed to do when it mattered, and that’s what counts.

Adam Ironheart


4.7 out of 5 stars
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O’Neal 2 SRS Spyde Helmet: Best Lightweight Dirt Bike Helmet for 2023

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Highlight: The perfect lightweight design

Excellent Lightweight Helmet

I love the lightweight design and color scheme of this helmet. Despite my mixed feelings about O’Neal, I find myself repeatedly drawn to their products because of their design, quality, and price balance. I also consistently find their fit to be great.

It’s important to pay attention to this helmet’s sizing issues, as reported by other buyers. According to their online fitment sheet, I should easily fit into a size large helmet. However, heeding the warnings of other buyers, I opted for a size larger, and there’s no way I could have fitted my head into a Large. There’s also the possibility of finding an ill-fitting helmet returned by someone else, which you might get for a significantly lower price.

So far, the helmet has held up quite well. We ride on single tracks/woods, and my Adventure Helmet was getting scratched up. I’ve been using this helmet for several weeks now, brushing against branches and such, and there are no scratches so far.

The GoPro mounted perfectly right underneath the visor.

Be aware that the colors in the pictures are misleading. In some, the helmet appears blue and yellow, while in others, it looks black and yellow (which is what I wanted). Ultimately, it turned out to be blue and yellow. It wasn’t what I initially wanted, but I was prepared for that possibility, and I still love the helmet.

My wife liked it so much that she got one as well. I definitely recommend it.

Kenneth E. Gibson III
O'NEAL 2 SRS SPYDE Helmet Review

Do you wear 7 3/4 hat? Look below.

Okay, so all the reviews mentioned that the sizing is snug, and they’re right. However, my hat size is 7 3/4, and I found that the XXL fits nicely. You can remove the padding around the bottom to make the helmet easier to put on. It looks great and feels light. I suggest wearing it for a bit to get used to moving around in it.

The sun visor is adjustable, although not by much. Overall, this helmet will definitely turn heads. I would buy it again if I ever need another helmet.


How can you get such a nice helmet for $100 is beyond me…

I’ve been riding mostly on the street for 20 years and have just gotten back into dirt biking. I bought this helmet along with a Bell MIPS, which was twice the price. The Bell is still in the box – I’ve taken this one out on a trail and couldn’t be happier. It offers superb comfort, is priced right, has tons of airflow, and features removable/washable liners. I’m 6’2″ with a head circumference of 59 inches, and the Large size fits perfectly. A Medium works too in a pinch (my wife wears a Medium).

This is an excellent helmet for the price. I wouldn’t waste too much time deliberating—just hit the ‘buy now’ button before someone else does. This helmet will not disappoint!

F. B. Brand

ILM Open-Face Dirt Bike Helmet

4.4 out of 5 stars

3,125 ratings | 162 answered questions

ILM Open-Face Dirt Bike Helmet: Best Budget-Friendly Dirt Bike Helmet for 2023

ILM Open Helmet for Dirt Bike
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Highlight: The excellent value, and comfortable fit.

Best bang for the buck lightweight helmet

I received the helmet today. I needed something light and sporty-looking that wouldn’t make me look like a bobblehead character. This helmet exceeded my expectations. It has very plush padding. You can remove the sun visor, and the helmet comes with three plugs to replace the screws that hold the visor in place. This provides a cleaner look than just removing the visor and reinserting the screws. If you use the sizing chart, the helmet won’t fit properly. As others have already stated, you need to order one size larger for a perfect fit, and two sizes larger if you intend to ride with any glasses or shades on. This helmet, at less than $100, is a steal. After receiving mine and trying it on, I would willingly pay $200 for this helmet if that were the only price available. For reference, I own several motorcycle helmets from brands like Shoei, Bell, KBC, and HJC. If you get the right size, I guarantee you will love this helmet.

Ted R.
ILM Open Face Motorcycle 3/4 Half Helmet for Dirt Bike

Nice for price
The helmet is nice, easy to work with, and adjust. I bought this for my son; the smallest size barely fits, which is fine because he is growing. I am planning to buy an installable headset for it and will update on how that installation goes.

The only issue I have is with how it changes fit. When you remove the face part, it doesn’t go back in easily; you have to squeeze and force it a bit. This isn’t a problem until you realize it alters the helmet’s fit. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make it snugger but rather loosens it, which isn’t ideal, especially for smaller heads. The helmets do run small; I expected this one to be about an inch too big for my son, but it’s almost a perfect fit.

The helmet looks cool, and I appreciate the added vents. We’ll soon see how effective these vents are at clearing lens fog caused by breathing.

My son says it feels good and doesn’t cause any discomfort, other than the strap tending to slip and put pressure on his throat. This might be due to the helmet being a bit too big for him.

kohl winters

Comfortable and safe

My new favorite helmet comes from my background in motocross and dirt bike riding, where full-face helmets are the norm. My other helmet is a Bell Qualifier, but I was looking for a summer helmet. In terms of comfort, features, finish, and fit, this helmet significantly surpasses the Bell.

The quick-release buckle is an excellent feature in itself, eliminating the need for tedious strap adjustments before every ride.

Some people might not be impressed by this helmet, as all its features and details can also be found in helmets from brands like Shoei, Arai, and Biltwell. However, considering that all those helmets are more than three to four times the price of this one, I have become a fan.

I’m definitely going to take a look at their full-face helmets as well.

Light Novelist

1Storm Dual Sport Helmet

4.5 out of 5 stars

3,789 ratings | 220 answered questions

1Storm Dual Sport Helmet: Best Designed Dirt Bike Helmet for 2023

1Storm Dual Sport Helmet
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Highlight: The best helmet quality

very impressed with the comfort, quality and fitment + great customer service

The helmet fits really well, and the sizing is spot-on. However, the packaging was subpar, and the helmet had some scratches on it straight out of the box.

I wish the peak was adjustable, but it’s not. It seems to be more for aesthetics than function. I’ve not seen different visors for sale anywhere, but if you contact the manufacturer, they can sell you various tinted visors, including the rainbow mirrored ones like the ones I have installed. Be aware that shipping from the manufacturer takes a long time, but they are quick to communicate. Surprisingly, for a lower-end brand, they have fantastic customer service.

It’s important to note that the rainbow tinted visors are dark enough to make it difficult to ride at night.

The long chin bar and the absence of a chin skirt mean that a lot of air can enter from the front and fog up the visor in colder weather. I solved this issue by purchasing a stick-on/adhesive Pinlock.

All of the vents are functional, and the airflow is really good, but none of them can be closed, so it can get quite cold in the winter.

The padding is removable and quite comfortable, and there are already cutouts for installing a Bluetooth device or communicator.

From what I can tell, there are only two sizes of the actual outer shell, so my large helmet looks somewhat oversized, giving a bobblehead appearance.

The drop-down internal visor isn’t operated by a cable or spring; it’s directly connected to the lever. Unlike some of the more expensive helmets I’ve used, it stays in place and doesn’t rattle or bounce around off-road.

Overall, it’s an extremely light helmet and surprisingly stable, not getting buffeted around much.

1Storm Dual Sport Helmet Review

Good quality for the price.

I had reservations about buying this helmet, but after reading many reviews, I’m very glad I decided to purchase it. The helmet arrived quickly and in excellent condition. The seller added extra bubble wrap/mailer under the visor to prevent cracking during shipping, as mentioned in other reviews. The helmet looks great and fits well. It has a quick-release chin strap that is easy to use, though I had to tighten it almost all the way for a proper fit. There’s just a little room left for further tightening, which shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. However, I wanted to mention that there is an extra-long piece of strap that I need to tuck up or away while riding.

The helmet has several air vents, but they are not adjustable or closable. I’m not sure if all the “vents” are functional. The front chin vent, slightly smaller than the front grate, is functional and allows substantial airflow into the helmet. The non-closable vents are not an issue for me, as I always kept them open on my old helmet.

The padding is removable and snaps in and out easily. The outer clear visor seems to be of good quality and operates smoothly, with three detents: fully open, half-open, and closed. I particularly like the flip-down sun visor on the inside. I haven’t used it while riding yet, but it seems like a good solution to the issue of wearing sunglasses under a clear shield or riding at night with a tinted shield.

Overall, I am very happy with this helmet and will try to update after I have used it for several hours. This helmet is of very good quality for the price. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good quality, lower-budget helmet. I hope this review helps others in their decision-making and have added a few photos for reference.

1Storm Dual Sport Helmet Customer Review

Nice helmet for price

This helmet is great value for the price. You can use it with goggles without having to remove the visor, and you can even wear goggles with the visor flipped down. However, the top vents don’t seem to be the best, and a lot of air comes in under the chin. The helmet gets noisy around 50mph, but overall, I’m very happy with the purchase. The only con is that the visor pin broke, but the company sent me six replacements for free. Honestly, since you can fit goggles on without removing the visor and still close it, there’s no need to take the visor off. If you’re on the fence about this helmet, just go for it. It’s at least great as a backup or a ‘beater’ helmet to get dirty on the trail without worrying about damaging a $60 helmet.



4.6 out of 5 stars

1,059 ratings | 126 answered questions

Bell MX-9: Best Dirt Bike Helmet for 2023 with excellent fitment

Credit: Amazon.com

Highlight: Comfortable fit and good visibility.

Tough to beat

Let me preface this by saying that I tried on 4-5 of the top-rated helmets side by side with the Bell MX9 Adv, including the Klim Krios Pro, Shoei Hornet X2, and Arai XD4. The Arai and Klim were the first to be eliminated, due to their overall fit, function, and price tag. It was hard to justify paying 2-3 times the cost of the Bell when they weren’t as comfortable right out of the box.

I quickly narrowed it down to the Shoei Hornet X2 and the Bell MX9. They fit very similarly, with the Shoei slightly edging out in terms of overall craftsmanship and quality. It truly is a work of art – but it also exceeded my needs for a dual-sport helmet. Given that it was twice the cost, I made the tough decision to send it back. The Bell shared many features with the Shoei in terms of fit, comfort, and safety. Based on craftsmanship alone, it was difficult to justify the extra expense. I don’t do a lot of road miles except to connect trails and get from point A to point B. If I did longer highway miles, I definitely would have chosen the SNELL-rated Shoei. However, the MIPS system in the MX9 is a great feature, and the helmet is comfortable both on the road and on the trail.

I really appreciate the adaptability for a comms system like my Cardo Black. The cheek pads have integrated pouches for the headphone pieces, and the breath box leaves ample room for the microphone. The lining is super plush and comfortable, though it can get a bit warm on longer rides; cracking the shield open now and then helps to dissipate the heat. The ventilation is good, albeit not as superior as the other three helmets I mentioned above. The visor does catch a draft, but that’s typical for any helmet with a visor. On trips where I spend minimal time on pavement, I wear a full MX helmet, so I’m accustomed to this and it doesn’t bother me.

Overall, this helmet offers the best value for the price you can find. The availability of additional face shields is a great bonus. I have both the gold iridium (pictured) and dark smoke shields. I would recommend this helmet without hesitation to anyone looking for a solid dual-sport helmet that checks all the boxes.

BELL MX-9 Review

Good helmet for the price!

The fit is good: snug where it should be, such as around the ears and chin, and looser where it shouldn’t be. The visibility is excellent, allowing me to see where I need to without any real blind spots. A quick release for the strap would be nice, especially when I’m wearing gloves, but I’m not knocking the helmet for lacking this feature.

I chose the orange color, which is easy for people to see. I’ve even received a few compliments on the helmet’s looks and color.

The only real issue is the wind noise. This helmet is meant for low speeds, but it would be nice if they included a bottom chin cushion to block some wind. My head is quite large, 25.5 inches in circumference, so the 3XL was a good fit. It’s a good dual-sport helmet; if I damage this one, I’ll get the same model again. I’ve worn it for at least 2500 miles, and it’s been all good.

BELL MX-9 Customer Review

My comments on the Bell MX-9 Adv MIPS – Black/Red/White Berm

I would like to share my observations on the Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS helmet. As I continue to use it, I will update this review.

Upon opening the box, I found it well packaged by both Amazon and Bell, with no shipping damage. Inside the Bell box, there was a helmet bag, some literature on MIPS, information on the antibacterial liner, the Bell Helmet Instruction Manual, and a ziplock bag with two plastic disks. I assume these disks are for covering and protecting the side visor mounting holes when the visor is not in use, though there’s nothing in the owner’s manual about their use. The helmet is sharp-looking, coming with a clear shield and a red and black visor.

Fit: It fits as expected. The cheek pads on my old HJC CL-17 (sports bike helmet) nearly reached the corners of my mouth, whereas the Bell cheek pads do not. This is no dealbreaker; the Bell still fits nicely with no movement or unusual discomfort. My head is oval-shaped, so there is some pressure on my forehead, but after an hour’s ride, there’s no blistering headache. As with any new equipment, allow some break-in time before embarking on a long trip.

Visibility: The extended side-to-side visibility is a significant improvement over my HJC. The head check right or left during a lane change is much clearer, allowing me to see far back. However, the shield is a little odd, as if the light waves passing through it are slightly bent; it’s not crystal clear. It’s subtly similar to looking through old 1900s glass window panes. The lower edge of the shield has a 90-degree bevel, which distorts the view of items like gauge clusters or handlebar-mounted devices. At nearly 6ft tall, I can see my gauges okay while seated, but the handlebar controls are distorted. Standing could be a real issue. This isn’t a dealbreaker for me; I can tilt my head down while street riding and plan to remove the shield and wear goggles for off-road adventure riding.

Noise: With the visor always on, the helmet is quite noisy at highway speeds. Ear protection is highly recommended. With the bike’s adjustable stock windshield raised, the noise level is similar to my old HJC.

Installing a Scala Gx9: I encountered no problems.

Missing Part: Disappointingly, one of the three visor mounting screws was missing a small rubber washer, which is meant to prevent scratching and over-tightening. It’s not a major issue, but I’ll need to find a replacement at Home Depot.

10/2018 Update: The helmet is loud at speed, so hearing protection on long trips is important. Removing the visor reduces noise, but be careful not to lose the small parts.

The bevel on the bottom edge of the visor interferes with visibility when looking down at gauges. For me, a slight tip of the head is necessary for a clear vision.

The screw on top of the helmet holding the visor came loose once, causing significant noise. It’s important to keep that tightened. Luckily, I was able to pull over and tighten it before it fell out.

As an older biker returning to the sport after 30 years, I’m somewhat of a novice. In my experience, products designed for dual purposes often excel in one area and perform just okay in the other. The Bell MX-9 seems to lean more towards off-road use. It’s a solid-fitting helmet with good visibility, and you can’t go wrong with MIPS. For long trips, remove the visor, use hearing protection, and enjoy your favorite music through Bluetooth.